Army to block fuel revolt

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by woody, May 14, 2004.

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  1. front page of the times government plan for army to drive tankers and keep petrol flowing Oh and MI5 have drawn up dossiers on the ringleaders from last fuel stopage .
    So once you sorted out kosovo ,Iraq ,etc,put out the some fires
    can you deliver petrol to 2jags ?
    Petrol prices are soaring and the government is planning to add 1.9 pence per litre in duty wouldnt it be simpler to not add the tax ?than go through some more chaos of a fuel protest . Or as it not led by muslims
    does tony blair think its ok to crush it as it wont offend any minorties
    Good thing the army gone off Sand and sun :twisted: . Cos looks like blairs nicked your leave again tosser
  2. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    TWANG! Oooops, I think my overstretch just broke...

    Sod that for a duty, let's join the protests and bring down the goverment.

    Maybe is that is why they are rumoured to be cutting our armour and regiments - so that we don't have the resources to surround Westminster and Downing Street to liberate us from our homegrown dictator! :twisted:
  3. WHAAAAT????? Just think of how much we could earn flogging petrol on the black market I'm all for it :twisted:
  4. dont forget the firemen as well.
    now what if they and the fuel protesters decide to coordinate their offensive ?
  5. Nah, the fuel protestors will respect the Army and don't really want to p1ss them off, trumpton couldn't give a toss though, as long as they can feather their beds.
  6. A punch up with the twats who block up the roads? I am all for it! :D
  7. will somebody think of the admin involved! :cry:

  8. Callaghan and his chums brought us the winter of discontent. Will Blair and his chums (or GB supporters) bring us the summer of discontent. If they do thet know what will happen.
  9. The roles have been reversed. The subversives are in control now.

    "We are going to do something terrible to you - you will no longer have an enemy [the Soviet Union]." -- Senior KGB strategist Georgi Arbatov (1990)

    EUSSR: Hungary Ruled by Communist Agents:
  10. Good idea, any old excuse to sit out in the sun! :lol:
  11. Will we be getting Pickelves and Baton Rounds? :evil:

    Can I have the use of a Chally 2 for about 15 minutes? There is a local Gas station, that has been overcharging on just about everything for years, wouldn't mind sticking the main gun through the cash drawer, and announcing matter of factly "Don't you bastards owe me a refund?"
  12. What's this - crowd control tips from the Israelis?
  13. No for that I would need

    1. Merkava and a ready rack , 5 rounds should do
    2. An Apache , fitted with Ground to Air Missiles that work
    3. To not actually be aiming at the fuel demonstrators
    4. To have a Blind Eye turned by an Allied Government.

    Once I had dealt with the crowd Gaza Strip stylee , I would then sit back and wait, while the leader of the free world requested "clarification" like pictures of pieces of bodies flying through the air wasn't clarification enough. :roll:

    No you're right, I'll just take the Water Cannon and the Dogs :D
  14. Kel

    Kel Old-Salt

    Strange type of missile to fit to Apache, :? oh that's right, ours don't leave the ground do they :wink: Still, what aircraft are they going to take out?