Army Tests Invisible Tank

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by RFUK, Oct 30, 2007.

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    I don't see what all the fuss is about. Squaddies have been making kit disappear since time began :D
  2. Sounds a little bit like "The Emperors New clothes" to me.

    I can just imagine Swiss Des trying to convince us we've just been issued 200 invisible tanks....along with our invisible body armour..
  3. Excellent, all we need to do now is make the thing out of plastic, so it can't be detected.
  4. How would you find it to get in?
  5. This is really old news, as you say. I am sure many folk can think of instances where the question has been, "what the hell is that?" to which the answer has been, "What?"
  6. In the case of Swiss this would be a case of

    "What you see is what you get" !!
  7. Now your first sentence, on its own, would have been funny! But you let yourself down with sentence number two.
  8. One way of avoiding the congestion charge when we have our coup! :D
  9. So, not something the MOD will be keen to progress, then.

    And the story is originally from The Sun, so it's veracity is probably doubtful anyway.
  10. Good answer, spot on.
  11. Don't I get some kind of double-pun score. Like in scrabble?
  12. It's not girls rules! Sorry.
  13. Cool idea, especially if they get the combat gear working - troops appearing 'Predator' like from bloody thin air - talk about Psi Ops.

    Invisable tanks would also be hours of fun straddled across a BFT circuit - Jog, jog BANG!

    Only problem is the MoD can't even afford to give us basic gear now, how are they going to stretch to this - it will NOT be cheap?
  14. " The Ministry of Defence revealed they made a vehicle seem to completely disappear in trials last week."

    Why do they need trials?? they've been making all kinds disappear for several years, regiments, ships, subs, aircraft etc, they are experts at it FFS :roll:
  15. We've already got invisible tanks and equipment all over vehicle parks.

    Ditto: the SopS for Defence on Scottish days; military hospitals; deployable reserves; supplies and welfare support.

    Oh and about 10% of manpower.

    Savings and cutbacks are completely immune from this invisibility trick, but the politicians are onto the problem. QuinetiC's top scientists were onto it but most have them have disappeared into industry anyway.