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Army Terrorism lecture, video intro: Land of Confusion

I've been trying to get hold of the video intro for the presentation that we used to get during the ATD terrorism lectures and on NITAT presentations etc in the 80's and early 90's
Some fellow Arrse members of a "certain age" will definitely remember it. The background music track was Genesis - Land of Confusion and the video contained footage of various acts of global terrorism.
I need it for work (army) reasons so can't see a problem if it is still restricted etc. If anyone knows where i can get a copy, preferably electronic, but video will do, please let me know via PM. Maybe some of the old and bold in the Int forum can help me out?
TBU :biggrin:
I remeber that video from my time in Germany! It was made by and was part of the Personal Security Training Team Presentation in BAOR, of which I was a part. I did have a copy but some thieving git nicked it. As far as I recall it was only in VHS format. If there are copies still about I would be very surprised.
Thought that might be the case scorp :cry: It was a great video and the song lyrics matched perfectly. I have tried to get hold of it through the system but haven't had any luck at all and have posted on here as a last ditch effort.

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