Army tells its soldiers to bribe the Taleban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hurry_up_and_wait, Nov 17, 2009.

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    British forces should buy off potential Taleban recruits with “bags of gold”...The new instructions came on the day that Gordon Brown went farther than before in setting out Britain’s exit strategy from Afghanistan

    I'm sure this is what Labour have being doing for the years in the UK (buying off the labour voters) helping put us in economic turmoil, now its time for job seekers allowance for the Afghans! I hear on the grapevine that the next policy is to provide free bunkers for Afghan single mums.
  2. I call shotgun! :D
  3. i call the back row! (thats where the naughty kids sit right?) :)
  4. Amazing....It's only taken someone 6 years to bother to read something on the history of the North West Frontier.

    The appliaction of force and the golden St.Georges were exactly how the Imperial Army in the Raj kept the peace on the NW Frontier. Not always perfectly but it worked.
  5. At last, a return to sensible policies. Our leaders may have forgotten our history in the region, but I bet the Afghans did not, and were expecting this outcome all along. I hope there will be some conditions added to these bribes, to create more infrastructure projects, rather than just leave them to sit on their haunches smoking dope.
  6. Ah the cavalry of St George are being mobilised at long last. If you can't beat them, get them to join you!

    Maybe we could start a Pashtun regiment in the British go with oh, a Baluchi, a Sikh and a Rajput one??
  7. The Italians were doing this out there on a small scale a few years ago.

    Unfortunately they didn't tell the French.
  8. It might have been done on a larger scale, but money does not travel well in these situations.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    So, we could rent a few thousand insurgents . . . . . but what would we get them to do, or more to the point, who could we send them to kill? Could we rent them for long enough to go hurtling over the border into Pakistan?
  10. To be honest I can't remember the reach of the bribery off the top of my head, but I do remember it came all unstuck when the Italians were relieved by the French who were subsequently massacred when the payments stopped to the Taleban.

    I do agree though. Just because a tribal leader/local taleban commander is being bribed, doesn't mean everyone is going to get the message and a share of the booty.
  11. I've got to ask.

    Where would the money come from to do this?

    After all we are broke as a country or would it just be expected to be found from the Defence budget again. It is a bottomless budget after all :roll:

  12. I'm sure one of the new chinooks sold to a foreign state would keep the bribery going for a few months, maybe a year if they are cautious.

    'Don't worry lads, you don't need it. We're paying them not to attack you until the money runs out'
  13. Now, forgive me if I am wrong, but didnt we pay off the locals in one of our previous adventures in Afghan, who then went on to butcher all except for 1 doctor?
  14. Brings to mind this article I saw in Friday's Grauniad.

    US (and probably british) supply lines kept open by paying taliban

    And about both situations, I am totally incredulous; who in the hell thinks that bribing taliban not to fight will solve any problems whatsoever?

    So sometimes our troops are paying them not to fight, other times we're advancing to contact!?!?

    Where the hell do the top brass, the MoD, the government think that the taliban are getting the money to pay for their side of the war?

    Here's an idea- don't pay them anything, ever. Pile the money into CIMIC- lots more skilled personnel brought in from outside- teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs, gap year students who want to help in deprived communities.

    But first- destroy the taliban, thus providing security.

    ROE for those convoys from pakistan should be "If anyone engages you, you must hunt them down and destroy them."- not pay them to blow up a different bit of coalition forces.

    Basically, I think the problem is that we have moved to COIN fighting far too soon- we never won the total war. And without finishing the total war, COIN is just going to be messy and a lot harder than it need be.

    This is all from a civvy PoV, so only what I read in the media, but it just strikes me as crazy that we let the enemy hold ground (think Jugroom fort etc, I'm sure there's more still out there) when we enjoy such an absurd level of technological and numerical advantage.

    tl;dr- bullets are a better, more permanent solution than money.
  15. Surely not!? You mean that we pay them and..... they stay on the other side!? Unthinkable!