The British Army Telemark Ski Championships will take place in JAN 08. This is a completely new venture and this is the first championship.

If you already ski and fancy learning a new type of skiing then there will be people on hand at the championships to ease the transition. Competent Alpine Skiers can convert in as little as 3 days and new sliers can grasp the basic in less than a week.

Running a Ski team whilst at OTC is fantastic. I ran London OTC Nordic Team for 3 years back in the 90s and I had a blast. The costs won't be exorbitant and you can claim MTDs against the trip - or at least you could when I was at OTC, whic means the overal cost is even less. You could also tap the 2IC for some spare cash from the bar profits or something along those lines. The overall cost for 10 days not including travel but including accom, lift passes, 1/2 board and transfers from Salzburg is going to be around £350 - which is a steal.

If you want to have a blast this winter season and fancy learning a new sport drop me a PM and visit the website for more information.

The task is not onerous, but a little planning is needed beforehand. Do it - you know that you want to.

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