18 months ago a team dedicated to making Telemark Skiing a recognised Army sport was formed. Its aims were simple - attract funding and make it possible for all Telemark skiers (from total novice to those more accomplished) to have a crack at the seriously exciting art of Telemark racing.

To cut a long story short - we have succeeded in getting the Army Winter Sports Association to take our sport seriously and they are going to give us recognition.

And so we are planning to hold the inaugural Army Telemark Championships in January 2008, an event which is open to all Regular, TA and UOTC units, whether novice or expert skiers. We are also hoping to open the duration of the event (10 days between 7-18 Jan 08) to families so that other halves and children don't have to be left at home (as is the case with the other winter sports disciplines). Instruction will be available during the week - so, EVEN IF YOU'VE NEVER TELEMARKED before, you can learn - and so can your family.

Please don't let all the hard work of the Telemark Committee go to the wall - SUPPORT US and come to the Championships. We will also be running various training sessions at Milton Keynes Snowdome before January, on dates tbc. If you want to know more PM me or stick your comments on this forum. We need to add people to our database so if you're interested, get in touch.

VISIT now and read about the 2006/07 season, see photos and generally learn a bit more about the team as it stands today.
Reply on the forum or send me a PM, or you can leave your name in the guestbook at

It doesn't have to be a unit team, individuals can enter. Costs will not be exorbitant for the 10 days and it is hoped to keep the personal contributions down to below £350, this will include accom, 1/2 board, bus transfer from Salzburg and lift passes. Units could be able to subsidise the team from PRI sales accounts aswell to reduce costs further, in addition being a member of the Army Sports Lottery has significant benefits too.

Get your name down. Beats stagging on in the guard room!
There will be some BASI trainers available for a small fee, to be negotiated, but it will be highly discounted. The trainers will be able to give instruction from beginner through to advanced.

The idea is to promote the sport further and give people a chance to learn a new and exciting way to ski. Telemark skiing is growing across the world and will soon be an olympic sport.

The chance for national representation is quite high given that there are currently not that many telemarkers in the UK. The bulk of people who enjoy the sport are usually from the military.

If you are a stalwart alpine skier who is bored with the same old style, give it a go - you'll be surprised how easy it is to learn. Even if you've not skiid before there is plenty of opportunity to learn in the week before the champs.

Hope this helps
Is it easy to learn if you are already an a;pine skier. Been an alpine skier for about 15 years, never tried telemark. Fancy giving it a go - Is it similar to cross country skiing. Don't fancy having to ski uphill!

I started off alpine - only thing todo back in the 80s. When at university was introduced Nordic (uphill skiing) much to my dragging of feet. I hated the cross country at first, but it grew on me. Took the unit team to 3 British Champs/Army Champs.

Started ski touring about 10 years ago and now take alpine and telemark skis whenever I ski. It took about 3 years to get to grips with the sport, so I could ski all-mountain, but then I was only going for a week a year. Over the last 3 years my technique has come on in leaps and bounds. Mostly self taught.

It's a great sport and it's great news that the ARMY are finally recognising it. The races are really good fun and involve a jump, small skating section (approx 300m) and the downhill part with gates similar to Alpine GS.

I am sure that more Army pers could represent GB in the future. YOU'VE GOT TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT!
It is easy to learn from alpine, I was onto black runs within a week, have never looked back since.
C'mon. I know that there are a stack more telemarkers out there that must want to race and there must be a load of skiers out there fed up with boring old alpine...smell the coffee. Telemarking is the way ahead. Get on board now.


No way I would beat the bar tender but if the silver fox beat me i would never live it down!!!!
short bloke, talks alot? he is a very good skier i lived opposite him and Moe in a NOrway a couple of years ago and instructed on the same novice course as the two of them
3 Armoured Div' champion novice, mid 80's. (Alpine/X'country)
I wish you all good luck with the skiing.
SkiBum. :D
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