Army Technical Selection Test

Just trying to find anyone that has done it and get an idea whats in the test.

any help would be great.

cheers lads
Changing trades from diver to AT, well hopefully.
Its not a piece of pi$$ so dont walk into it complacently. Even if you were good at maths at school you will need to be refreshed of some of questions that will appear on the paper.

Decimal/fraction/percentage conversion, standard form, simultaneous equations and all those other things you thought you would never see again.

The paper is multiple choice, but unlike most multiple choice papers all the answers are fairly similar (rather than two answers being utter $hit and then quessing between the other two).

55 questions in 45 minutes and pass mark of 30.

If you pass the TST, complete the ATCAB then attend the AT Pre-select you will do another maths test. This one is not multiple choice and you have to show your working out.
I had to do it as my 2nd and 3rd job choices were the RAC and AAC. It would be a piece of Pi$$ for someone with perhaps more intelligence than to be in the british army. I found it sh!t hard and didnt get the score needed for the AAC but met the score for the RAC.

Waste of bloody time really as i still want to go into the infantry, but if i decided to switch from the infantry to the RAC between now and starting basic i could.
the hardest part was the algebra, i couldnt make head or tails of it
richie_n69 said:
Changing trades from diver to AT, well hopefully.
At the moment the RLC Forum is full of very interesting AT stuff(!) you could spend many hours reading about the joys of White phos, or just sack it and go to the NAAFI Bar!

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