Army Team Win Royal Naval Field Gun Competition

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by exile1, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. A team from 7th Air Assault REME has won the Annual Royal Naval Field Gun Competition. This is the first time an army team has won in 100 years.
    A big Bravo Zulu to these guys!

    [Story in The News newspaper Portsmouth]
  2. Great
  3. Well done the REME
  4. Gentlemen, i have posted a picture of the Trophy in the REME forum for your viewing pleasure.
  5. It is 98-years not a 100 ;-)
  6. Picky bloody picky. You go out and win the bloody thing then.
  7. Pang

    Block this it is upsetting me!!!


    Well done guys it return to its proper owners very soon though.
  8. Back to Yeovilton then eh?
  9. Well considering they were in two weeks intensive training with a turncoat traitorous WAFU Field Gun Instructor for the two weeks prior to the event, yeah, back to Yeovilton's about right.

    Fair play to the REME though, they won it fair and square on the day. The bastards. :wink: