Army swine flu

The Scum Thursday, June 25, 2009
June 25, 2009
Swine flu has hit a THIRD military camp-as UK cases of the bug rose to 3,245 yesterday.
Two squddies from 3rd Battlion the Mercian Regiment fell ill at the Intantry School in Brecon, South Wales.
A third trainee has symptoms of the bug.
It comes as a fourth case of swine flu was confirmed at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, Berks.
This month a squaddie also got the bug at Catterick Garrison, North Yorks.
Mr_Deputy said:
flu and colds pass between recruits like wild fire. Partly as fatigued and obviously living very very close to one another - spread of infections very likely and resistance to infection can be very low.
Yeah. And the odd bit of skiffing doesn't help either.


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Has swine flu originated in pigs because they ae in the habit of skiffing?


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Mr_Deputy said:
Biped said:
Has swine flu originated in pigs because they ae in the habit of skiffing?
It is what the scientists are reluctant to admit but yes it could be. I mean they have their trotters in it all day and then when they get a runny nose, they wipe their snout and....they self-skiff or 'auto-skiff' in Latin. Its serious sh1t. Its just hard to get that across in a poster campaign aimed at children. I mean saying 'don't do it' is akin to saying 'yeah ok do it.....agh fck! get your finger away from my nose you little sh1t'
or "OINK!! oink oink oink OINK you little oink!"
Top tip.

If someone sends you an email saying you can catch swine flu from tinned pork - don't open it - it's only spam.


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I realise that this is the NAAFI, but can anyone else see a possible problem in the making? It is very likely that the advice coming to Service Personnel will be, use the new helpline, rather than the MO, if you think you have pigcough - and inform your CoC accordingly afterwards.

When I was a young Infantryman (and believe me, that was a looong time ago) the idea of a call followed by 2 weeks extra leave would have been very tempting.

I am glad that Soldiers today are made of sterner stuff :)
Seven down with it at Bovvy.
We used to DRIVE Pigs in the Seventies

I used to SHAG Pigs in the Seventies (plus the eighties and Nineties)

Now it seems the army are Pigs with Flu :?

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