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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by irlsgt, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. Anyone had any dealings with any of the following:

    Endicotts Army Surplus in Exeter

    Denbigh Army Surplus in Denbighshire
  2. Yes, that one. Very helpful bloke, good service. Recommended. Not the hugest range or the biggest stocks, mind you.
  3. Tell us what you are looking for and I may be able to advise of other suppliers.
  4. Genuine Grade 1 shortback PLCE bergen
  5. Give DROPZONE a call at the main mail order department near to Brize Norton, they do not appear to show them on the website but I believe the Boss can get his hands on most bits of GENIUNE kit.
  6. does it have to be a shortback?
  7. Try contacting SNUGPAK direct,

    I attended a trade show recently and SNUGPAK had a olive green PLCE bergan on display.

    SPRINGFIELD in Burton On Trent have grade 2 PLCE bergans for £35.
  8. I'm looking for auctions/suppliers for surplus climbing gear, ropes, helmets, etc.
  9. Try the outdoorshop in Stoney Stratford north of Milton Keynes on the Old A5.

    They do a discount for HM Forces and Emergency Services personnel.

    They have very good sales, in the past I have brought ropes for half price in the sales (some strange colours).

    I do not have there email address @ web details to hand but they are easy enought to find on the webb.
  10. I have a shortback bergen in my garage in almost new condition and a longback thats still in the wrapper. I have no use for them.
  11. How much for the short back????
  12. PM sent. I should hold a garage sale the amount of cr@p i have been given over the years. Got about 3 MFO boxes of stuff that i will never ever use.