Army Surplus rip-off.

This probably has been done to death, but I'm a little tired of getting treated like a walking bank every time I want to get a piece of kit. There are the obvious villians, but it would be entirley inappropriate of me to mention Silverman's name on a public board, so I won't.

But the icing on the cake has to be when I went into a store today and asked the guy if he had any waterproof Bergen covers. The guy behind the counter duly pulls one out and shows it to me... when I ask how much he says it's £40! When I managed to pick my Jaw up off the floor and ask why it was so expensive he said it was Gore-tex... Why the fcuk would you need a Gore-tex Bergen cover? The whole point of Gore-tex is to stop water getting in while let sweat out... sort of... and I've never known my Bergen to sweat!

It's a prime example of unscrupulous traders trying to rip off TA soldiers because they believe we'll pay through the nose for kit.

Has anyone else had any experiences like the above where someone was blatantly trying to take you for a ride?
40 quid for a bergan cover? What was the guy on?

No, I've seen some high prices, but nothing that bad.
SilverBullet said:
It's a prime example of unscrupulous traders trying to rip off TA soldiers because they believe we'll pay through the nose for kit.
Why just TA soldiers? :D

I think its called business mate and one of those, "if you are silly enough to pay for it then so be it" sort of scenarios ;)

If your kit is bagged up properly inside why would you need a bergen cover that makes you look like a ninja turtle? ;)

Its the same as most of the tut they sell in there though to be honest, if its worth buying for comfort then they will load the price up once they realise its an attractive buy for the military (note that encompasses all).

The old saying "a fool and his money are easily parted" so shop around ;)
Yeah them Bergan covers are gay!. I hear all kindsa whacky crap about u can use em for river crossings and or stuff. Best thing i have seen one used for is a 5ft3inch tall soldier curling into a ball and getting in one to stay out of the rain in an OP in Slovakia! Other than the humour value i wouldnt bother.

As for buying other kit... "Theres nowt wrong with what the queen gives ya laddy"

In this day and age of gore tex norwegians and fleece's etc. Your a fool to get cold and wet.
Bad_Crow said:
Yeah them Bergan covers are gay!. .
How bizarre that the whole of 2 PARA and the rest of 16 Bde use them....
Bergan covers cost approx £4.99 Trade...... speak to the Camp Shop in Sennybridge, ask for Bob - he will get one for you at a good price.


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I used to manage a branc of a well known supplier of kit. We used to make Gortex Bergan covers and bergan liners to order. I always pointed out to the punter that Gortex was a breathable material etc etc, but they insisted... At the end of the day the customer is always right.
It is quite obvious that this company has in the past or employs ex military hoccifers who know how to rip of the blokes who need kit to make life a wee bit better in the field or wherever.When I looked for such kit many moons ago I did my home work and avoided this shark infested company mentioned.Sheer exploitation of the gullible if you are taken in by them.With computerisation you can certainly shop around and don't support such rip off companies as they say in Scotland if ye cannie sell the goods ye cannie make a profit,so kick them into touch.
How bizarre that the whole of 2 PARA and the rest of 16 Bde use them....

I couldnt give a fcuk who wears them mate. You could get Fcuking Jesus to wear one whilst on selection and I would still think they are gay. Dont just go thinking because the Para's have got them they must be great. Most Para's have dodgy 70's tashes and Snide burns that go past their arse but you aint gonna see me growing my face grass!!!

Get a mind of your own dude.
Never liked bergan covers, always felt they looked stupid, just get your self a canoe bag for your main and some smaller waterproof bags for your side pouches and your'e laughing


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I doubt if S'man's employ anybody with any military knowledge. I know of an instance where a student doing a PhD wanted to dress as a PARA officer as part of a presentation (Walt) They supplied him with a standard pattern SD uniform (Para's use Guard's Barathea), soldiers No2 dress shirt and tie, a white belt, white metal collar dogs (O's wear dark coloured), little buttons, black DMS boots, and the piece de resistance was an SD hat with staybright Para Cap badge. Leaving aside the issue of why this walt wanted the kit - S'mans supplied every item wrong - not much military knowledge there, but plenty of ripping off...


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Hmm. I'm always amazed that Soldier magazine continue to allow said rip-stop-not company a full page back cover ad in every issue.....shame on you guys !

Always worth checking out the PRI even for 'non-stock' items.

Lee Shaver


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H3 said:
http// Have a look in Waterproof gear and bingo great bit of kit at the right price, also the kit Ive had from here is quality.
Do they stock carry mats, surgical greens, lady's summer frocks and all the other essentials for RM Opps?
I am with BAD CROW on this you deserve to get ripped off if you are buying a bergan cover , they are gay , as for 2 para again so what they are hust soldiers . I have seen a girl in Iraq with a desert daysack cover now that is really really gay .


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Bugger Silvermans, they're world famous for being cnuts of the highest order.

Click here - you'll save cash and support the site at the same time.

It's a winner all round.
Can i just let all the Arrse'rs know that on a legal note this thread is nothing to do with me, i have no connection with selling gay bergan covers, nor shall i start taking advantage and begin selling them to niave TA type's!

i thank you :wink:

it's Army Surplus Special, not Rip off!

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