army surplus auctions

ha, no mate i am an ex enga as the name implies , i am tryin to get me sticky mitts on some old electrical eqpt that i used to work on which i believe i could turn into a tidy profit here on civvy street but i dont know where the used kit is sold off so if you have any idea care to divulge!!
The following has been lifted from the DSA website...

'With its history of providing complete disposal solutions for the armed forces, The Disposal Services Agency uniquely offers a comprehensive portfolio covering everything from advice and consultancy, to the provision of a total managed service. Our dedicated contractors not only supply a collect-to-dispose service, but also offer a wide range of refurbished items for sale. To enhance your efficiency, release valuable operational space, realise the value of unwanted assets, and yet properly address environmental issues, contact us to find out more.
The Disposal Services Agency. All you need to know."

use the following URL

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