Army Surgeon bigs himself up for gong in post contact report

In his official report on the battle at Rorke's Drift said:
It would be difficult to pick out the heroes from our garrison, but Corporal Schiess of the Natal Native Contingent (a Swede by birth) came under my notice as the most deserving of praise and recommendation. Among the invalids from Natal are, as is known, men wounded in the defence of Rorke's Drift, or who were patients in the hospital there at the time of the attack by the Zulus. They are now at Netley, and all speak loudly in praise of the gallantry and devotion of Dr. Reynolds of the Army Medical Department. According to their report, Dr. Reynolds took active measures for the defence of the hospital as soon as it was known the Zulus were about to attack the place, and never cease to exert himself in helping to ward off the enemy, and in caring for the wounded, during the whole time of the fighting lasted.

Signed by Surgeon Reynolds.
The author of the book 'Rorke's Drift', Adrian Greaves wrote of this
It is curious that Surgeon Reynolds praised himself in the report by using the third person technique
worked though as Reynolds was promoted to Surgeon Major (backdated to the first day of the battle, several months earlier than he was due promotion) and of course was awarded the VC.

A lesson we could all learn in this day and age when the AMS are so bloody awful at nominating its own, do it yourself.

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