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Discussion in 'ACF' started by walting_matilda, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Just a quick note,

    I was thinking the other day about the ACF and the CCF and how they get funding from the Army to operate etc. Now, the Army provides grants to purchase kit and whatever is needed. The cadet forces then goes and buys this kit from a local shop at a very marked up price. What grips my poo is how much this cost; and why doesn’t the Army either just supply the kit to the ACF/CCF or allow the cadet forces to buy directly of the Army. I mean, it isn’t like the cadets are taking the Armies resources as all they have to do is order more than they need, the company who makes the gear then makes more at the local (bulk price). Simples!
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Unless something has changed recently then the system works like this.

    Military pattern kit (Things the MOD already buy)
    The ACF/CCF unit has a UIN and uses this to indent for kit through the system. As long as it is kit that they are scaled for then they get it. So, basic clothing etc comes this way.

    Cadet specific kit. (Things the MOD don't already buy)
    They receive a certain amount of fundiung to purchase this from sources outside the system who have it manufactured to approved patterns. This applies to things like proficiency badges and brassards. They can get it via a known source such as Cadet Kit Shop or Cadet Direct or they can even try and porder it directly from a manufacturer.
  3. As far as I am aware, JSP 768 Defence Clothing Catalogue has the majority of proficiency badges and brassards (as they all have a NSN number). These are a galaxy away in price. I just feel that the somewhere someone is making a massive profit... If the ACF/CCF were allowed to buy the NSN, then this would save the cadet forces loads. Thus this would be reflected to the Armed services.

    I'm Curious as to what is Cadet Specific:

    Boots, trousers, shirts, T-shirts, Jackets, Berets, socks, webbing, daysacks, roll mats, bivvy bags, sleeping bags, ponchos, Gortex jackets and trousers, brassards and Capbadges. The catalogue even has ATC and SCC badges, all have NSN.
  4. If the cadet forces were "scaled" for more then this would "long term" save the Army more money?
  6. cadets get issued a basic scale of 2 x 95 trousers, 1 x 95 shirt, 1 x 95 smock, 1 x beret, 1 x brassard, 1 x t-shirt and 1 x jumper/fleece. (thinks thats about it!) all of this is normally clean and servicable but not always..just depends on the sizes and availability of stock.

    kids have to provide their own boots, socks, sleeping bags etc.

    as a detachment we have to beg/borrow/steal or buy out of our own detachments funds any extra stuff like webbing, bergans, waterproofs etc. the MOD will not provide any of this for us at all

    Badges etc we can obtain through our county HQ but it is often quicker and easier for us to order ourselves direct from cadet supply or similar.

    cadets are bottom of the pile so far as the MOD is concerned.
  7. Was speaking about this a while back, in some ACF battalions this is changing recently some now offer.

    1X Combat Jacket
    1X Fleece or jumper (as available)
    2X Socks (black)
    1X Mug
    2X C95 Trousers
    2X Green/brown shirts (more often 1 set)
    2X C95 Shirt
    1X Beret
    1X Cap badge (guaranteed to be lost in less then 23 seconds)
    1X Belt (always too small no matter how large the size you ask)

    in reality they will be lucky if half that turns up, however I have seen the full thing issued before that is what according to others they are meant to receive.
  8. Cadet Kit Shop and Cadet Direct is far far too expensive. They say they give discount but:

    CABs 36.98, Army 23.00
    Chest rig 39.10 Army 15.50
    Infantry Began 87.40 Army 32.20

    If the Army allowed the cadet forces to purchase directly (I'm not asking for freebees) then the "Army" would make massive savings................!
  9. Bloody hell.

    When i signed up I was issued:

    2 x 95 trousers
    2 x 95 shirts
    2 x brown coolmax t shirts
    1 x Ripstop smock
    4 x thermal socks
    1 x osprey mug
    1 x green working belt
    1 xBeret
    1x Brassard
    1 x indoor sleeping bag
    1 x shooting ear muffs
    1 x twisties
  10. You're spoilt!!!! ;)
  11. Come on guys focus on the issue........................
  12. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer