Army Sub Aqua Diving- whats the score?

Am I right in thinking there is a central asscoiation for Sport diving within the Army. If so, do they actually do anything ie newsletters/ organised activities for the benefit of the Sport diving community. When you look at some of the sports in the Army why is diving is such a poor state, mitigated only by a few overorked individuals. Does ASADA exist in a life form as we know it?
ASADA does exist but don't tell anyone!:lol:
If you PM me I will send you contact details for the Sec.
I must admit though they are not as good as promoting the Association as the RAF.
ASADA does exist in a very active form. However a couple of things should be considered:

All Army diving clubs should register annually with ASADA - a large number don't despite a lot of work by the committee to try and get them to do so. Therefore without the link from unit clubs to ASADA the passage of information is often limited.

The ASADA committee carry out their roles in addition to their normal jobs, including operational deployments etc - the RAF often have the luxury of a more stable posting etc therefore the comparrison with RAFSAA is a little flawed.

Newsletters are produced and are promulgated via the Area Focus reps however the aformentioned Area Focus reps are often a little difficult to catch so this can be a little hit & miss to be honest.

pmc_abo (or anyone) - what would you like to see from ASADA and where would you like assistance etc. Let me know and I'll speak to the Chairman personnaly with your comments etc.

Its nice to see this has generated some interest. For my tuppence worth a few ideas. Some of which I realise are easier to achieve than others, bear in mind I am not taking a pot at individuals. I suspect they are as snowed under with admin as are many other viewers. Here goes.

How about a weblink giving at least a POC (as per the Army Mountaineers etc) or even a website giving a latest view of the newsletter/Minutes (as per RAF).

How about providing (and disseminating widely) a list of ASADA committee members and their responsibilities with a POC/email address (BSAC will give them one for free).

Better provision of info regarding expeds/opportunities for individuals to get involved. Better support for those who want to plan real adventurous expeds.

Listing of all ASADA clubs and a POC (via website or newsletter?)

A more transparent and open AGM process (for example how are people appointed to these roles?), I remember attending one many moons ago at Portland with diving thrown in. Poor viz BTW. But since then have not heard of a similar thing.

Profile rasing activiites through the following: SOLDIER Mag, BSAC DIVE mag, BSAC website, Army net, Garrison/Adventurous trg publications also via BSAC coaches or any other diving organisation/publication in the UK.

Appoint/Coopt an individual acting as Publicity Officer

The organisation of weekends for those individuals who are unable to make branch activities/or have no active branch close by (ie BFG type stuff).

Encourage and offer assistance to those who wish to start/restart clubs (with a healthy dose of realism I may add).

Get BSAC/PADI/SAA to support us more, IMHO military clubs have often been the backbone for BSAC during some dark days. I know there was a spat about 5 years ago between a well-known SADS and BSAC etc but times have changed.

I could start a rant on this issue. But simply, I realise that Telic, Fresco etc...have been a hard and nasty pill to swallow for many of those in Adv trg minds. But I am concerned that if we are not careful diving will end up with a Red Sea Liveabout image as Adv Trg and not much else (not that I have anything against 30 metres viz, great coral, 25plus water temp).

The clubs we have do a great job (on the whole), but in the 21st Century the structure needs to change to reflect the fact that people are moving more, are often busier and that the days of static big (be all ) dive clubs may be in need of a review.

Right that is off my chest, I look forward to hearing from the very Silent majority.

Safe Diving.

I'll put all these points to the Chairman and the rest of the committee too, in the meantime a couple of points to be going on with:

An ASADA website will be up and running in a few weeks, both on the internet and also the intranet. Once it goes live I will post the link on here.

There are porblems with distributing names/appointments/email addresses etc becuase of the data protection act etc.

Some good info regarding expeds is available on the Intranet on the LAND COMMAND site. This gives details of planning, exped places avail, offers of assistance etc.

Transparency of the AGM process etc. This is promulgated to ALL Army units etc, whether they pass on the info is not really something ASADA can check on.

Publicity Officer - you volunteering?

I'm certainly not having a go at you here, I want to promote diving as much as possible. If you fancy assisting in some way then drop me a PM and we'll have a chat. Meanwhile I will pass on these comments and welcome any more form anyone too.

All the best
Thanks for the reply, its also heartening to see over 100 people have had a look....posting ideas or opinions though seems another matter.

Personally speaking, I have extremely limited access to the intranet...I am just not important enough to see/ or be made aware of the material that is promulagted through the channels currently used by ASADA. If I have poor access, I suspect our hypothetical young/junior rank/novice diver is unlikely to have even the access I enjoy. It even touches upon my point about people increasingly in ISODETS etc.

I agree that people's personal details should not be pasted for all and sundry, though looking at good practice such as Army Sailing/ Mountaineering websites etc...surely a workable alternative exists (an email address for example).

As for a publicity and information officer role...I would be keen though I am currently in an hot, sandy country for the moment and unlikely to be "in circulation" for another 5 months or so.

Therefrore I welcome the news about a website, let us know when it is ready.
I would like to do a basic diving course...

Can anyone give me any info on how to do a learn to dive course?

yours hopefully

Jennie said:
I would like to do a basic diving course...

Can anyone give me any info on how to do a learn to dive course?

yours hopefully

If you are military, give the Joint Services Sub Aqua Diving Centre (JSSADC), Fort Bovisand a ring on 01752 405573. Details of diving courses can also be found in Joint Services Defence Council Instruction (JS DCI) 127/2004. Course application forms are in Joint Service Publication (JSP) 419.

Optionally visit your local BSAC branch and ask them.
Cheers Bad CO...

PS I am militart, will call bovisands tomorrow

Guys and Girls,

HQ Adventurous Training Group offer both a very comprehensive Intranet site under Land Web (PXRs, JSPs, DCI etc etc). They also run a Internet web site under this web site contains all JSP419 and DCI 127&128 (JSAT course dates). Both sites contain all the latest and greatest AT documents for all activities, the sites are updated weekly.

If any wants any more info PM me.
Any news on the ASADA website? (Internet version in particular).

I have noticed some progress on the Armynet forums (exped-wise), definitely a step in the right direction though it could probably do with a bit more publicity by the Army diving community.

It'd be nice to see something from ASADA in time for the start of the UK dive season.
I did google search the othe day, for ASADA and guess what I got a hit.

An unknown Branch...but at least someone has made the effort. talking of effort, any more news on the latest on ASADA's plans (or not) to be a bit more open and accessible information-wise.

What got me, was a nice bit on the RAFSAA on a recent Uk diving website. Why cant we be doing things like that?
I have volunteered to be the webmaster for ASADA; so hopefully once the committee sanctions the site I have built it will be live. Which will hopefully be sooner rather than later!

When its live there will be an area for you all to comment on what you want, need, like & dislike. Until that time I welcome any ideas, so they can be incorporated into the site before hand.

Untill the ASADA email accounts are sorted please PM me

Please also see


Soon to be ASADA Webmaster
is there a copy of JSSADR on electronic means?? and if so is there anyone who can either send me a copy or let me know where i can find one? thanks

I assume from your post that you are not over impressed by army diving?

Do you live or work near an RAF station? If you do I recomend that you pay them a visit and see where the nearest RAF club is. As an army bloke, I dive with an RAF club and they are outstanding - well organised weekend trips and cracking expeds. they seem to have a good setup for instruction and are well funded.
The ASADA committee has given me the go ahead with the site. So once I get the domain account login details we will be up and running!

As soon as it’s live I’ll post a link here.

PM me if you have any additional ideas or content.

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