Army Sub-Aqua Diving Association (ASADA)

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by ASADA_DO, Jun 5, 2005.

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  1. With the aim of furthering individuals knowledge of the Army Sub-Aqua Diving Assoc (ASADA) a couple of 'initiatives' are planned.

    In the short-term an 'electronic newsletter' is planned to inform individuals about ASADA, it's purpose and changes/events effecting Army sports divers.

    In the slightly longer term a website is being built to expand upon the newsletter and to complement the ATG(A) website.

    Army sports divers who would like to receive the newsletter should register their interest by emailing

    There is also an aspiration to run SDC training etc rather like the BSAC Regional Coaching sides do. Any SADS or diving instructors willing to take part are requested to register their details by email to

    Any questions regarding the above or ASADA in general can be addressed to the above email address. I'm also interested in hearing what you would like to see ASADA providing etc.

    To set any minds at rest; I am the Diving Officer for ASADA and therefore have the contacts to answer the questions and hopefully action any points raised.
  2. Bad CO

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    Thanks for posting on here as I know that there has been some interest expressed on previous threads. As an aside I'm trying to get hold of an electronic copy of the new JSSADR. Any chance you could email a copy to
  3. The new edition of Joint Service Sub-Aqua Diving Regulations (JSSADR) are now available in PDF format on ArmyNet.
  4. Good idea. Email sent!

    Anyone got any comment on the recent change in supervision ratios in JSSADR? Sure it makes things safer.. but would it not have been better to set an implementation date, as happens with any other legislation? Nearly unravelled my exped. Perhaps I missed the warning order...
  5. Great idea, however the thread has gone a little quiet, any chance of an update or even a titbit for those of us who may be frustratingly land locked in hot sunny places.....

    Newsletter sounds great, any idea whan we might get to see something?
  6. Hi
    I have volunteered to be the webmaster for ASADA; so hopefully once the committee sanctions the site I have built it will be live. Which will hopefully be sooner rather than later!

    When its live there will be an area for you all to comment on what you want, need, like & dislike. Until that time I welcome any ideas, so they can be incorporated into the site before hand.

    Untill the ASADA email accounts are sorted please PM me


    Soon to be ASADA Webmaster