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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Percy, Sep 14, 2004.

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  1. Is it me or do others find it odd that our Home Secretary can announce in Parliament that in future those causing a breach of security will be liable to be shot on sight.

    What happened to the principle of minimum force using lethal means only as a last resort in order to prevent death or serious injury in the face of a clearly identifiable threat (and we all know how hard that decision is on the spur of the moment - is he a fat b**tard or is that a bomb belt under that batman suit)?

    Does this apply only to Royal Households, Parliament, No 10 and Cherie's flats in Bristol or do we all get the same protection?
  2. No, we do not get the same protection we after all are the peasants and oiks and champagne socalists like Lying tosspot Blair and his scyophants are far more important. As we have seen on another topic the police consider crime detection to be unimportant, their time taken up with defending and protecting the likes of Prescott and the rest of the labour party mincers.
  3. Of course you would want to actualy be the one to shoot said intruder - after all, that would be an unlawful killing by the time some cnut of a brief approached greiving family and say that magic line, "No win no Fee"

    Canada is looking better by the minute.

  4. Ironic really, when British soldiers are facing murder charges for using lethal force in what appear to have been combat situations.
  5. Bugger you beat me to it :?

    My thoughts exactly, unarmed idiots dressed as Batman to be shot on sight; soldier doing duty to be treat as murderer.

    Doesnt add up somehow :evil:
  6. well its this pinko attitude, you know oh well they are a minority group (regardless of particular minority) so they get away with murder yet doing your duty is a court martial offence.......
    what happened to the empire :!:
  7. Why cant jornos pick these stories up and not the other stupid ones?
    or is today not a slow news day?

  8. B Lair and his pop ensemble, bit like Nero and Rome burning :twisted:
  9. Do some research windy honey - a friend of mine has a cousin in RCMP currently on trial for murder after shooting a bad guy - is it really any better there than here?
  10. Texas would be better for this. The right of a householder to shoot and kill anyone attempting to invade their property without authorisation is enshrined in law there, and various other states are following suit. Which makes 'trick or treating' at Halloween something of a risk sport. :)
  11. wasnt the context i meant it in, i meant its another crappy thing happening in this country - see is the UK S**T thread for more back ground...

  12. But hey what a sport :twisted: i hate it when kids come to your door...threatening to rape your tortoise....its not fair...i am gonna do it this year with a twist....treat or i will pyrotechnic your ass :p i dont mean that ....will just fill the kids sweets with pepper
  13. hahahahaha, or coat them all with "stop N grow" nail biteing cure stuff.

  14. Hmmm but it's a political game where we appear to play a very minor role.

    1. "Soldier to be tried for murder"- appeases the liberal left etc etc

    2. "Loonies in Bat-/Spiderman costumes to be shot on sight - appeases the reactionary mob (but in doubt treat as 1).

    is there an election coming up soon or something?

    Politicians w***ers the lot of them :evil:
  15. Can anyone provide a link to a source for the "shot on sight" comment, please.