Army Staff Handbook 2011-2012

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Parky_boy, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. Evening.

    I'm after a hard copy of the Staff Handbook.

    I know it's available as a download on Dii but I'd much rather a physical copy.

    I'm currently in a post without a Training wing/library so if anybody has a spare copy, can they please get in touch.

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  2. I'm pretty sure it's not printed any more. Certainly when I tried to get hold of one about 2 years ago, Llangenech (and which ever Army Dept deal with it at the LWC) both said they couldn't send one to me (at a 2* HQ).
  3. Really? It looks brand spankers to me.
    I think its a new version, the replacement to the 'Staff Officers Hand Book'

  4. No wonder, it closed in 2008 and Thales have been using it for Warthog since 2009 ^~
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  5. :D well, it was a lovely welsh woman at the end of a telephone. I presumed it was the fabled Llangenech.....
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  6. Had a call today from the DCDC, the Army Staff Handbook 2011-2012 is ONLY available electronically.

    Cheers for your help anyway guys.
  7. If you print it out... you get a hard copy.

    Staff Officers eh... no wonder they need the Royal Signals to wipe their arrses all the time.
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  8. Why you would wish to refer to that work of fiction is anyone's guess.....
  9. The Staff Officers Hand Book has just been rewritten and is currently being prove read and passed around the houses for comment.
  10. I hope you're not doing it.
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