Army Sports Lottery

Does anyone know the odds of winning the sports lottery. The reason I ask - I've been doing it since it started and have never won a penny :(

I'm seriously considering sacking it and buying 9 lottery tickets a month with the money !
Bizzarlly I know of 3 punters that have won the said sports lottery, the 1st prize also a fair few others that have shared prizes, however i have done it still it started and have won the square route of 4 call!

On the upside I have recieved an individual sports pursuits grant of £50 towards a trip from them so cant drip to much, they will also give you cash towards expeds that is if all participents are in said sports lottery.
Mighty_Blighty said:
Yeah, just go see you pay bods, they should have the forms.

Be warned, I've been paying 9 quid a month for 11 years, and never won a penny though :([/quote]

I'm also a member of that club except I pay £3 a month for the grand result of feck all :D

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