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Army Sports Lottery

Exactly how much of a lottery is it?
Are there any published odds?
I have had top whack subs for years now and have never even had a snifter!
Apart from the obvious benefits to the Sports Billies and my rare Adventure Drinking oopps training excursions it seems i would be better off putting it in my mattress. (I've got one of those gren ones so the swamp wont hurt the Tenners!)
All replies thanked in advance as always


msr said:
Do I understand this correctly: the TA can't play it unless they are Non Regular Permanent Staff?


Copied from the rules for grants:

10. No grants will be made to TA or ACF units or individuals who are ineligible to participate in the Lottery.
I joined the syndicate below 3 weeks ago and have won already! it increases your Euro Millions Odds by 3600%!!! After almost 10 years of buying National Lottery tickets and winning a maximum of 90 pounds!, this is definitely the way forward for those who do the Lottery regularly, you can do the UK Lotto on it also but I think the Odds of winning, although much higher (around 360%) are not as good as the Euro Millions.


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