Army Sports Lottery - Now open to the TA?

Soldier magazine reports that now TA soldiers can take part in the Army Sports Lottery, ever hear of it?

Google throws up:

Army net gives a bit more info, from what I can make out the price of the tickets are deducted from you pay every month, bit of a non starter for the TA at present as none of us are getting paid!

75p a ticket for a chance of winning £10,000 is pretty good though, does anyone else take part?
Hi, Please go to this link and complete the form stating that you wish to stop being a member


Remember the Army Sports Lottery is voluntary and you stop being a member at any time. Also remember that it is not just a gamble but you can gain funds for overseas sports tours and other sport related activities or courses. See the website for details.

Use the link above............................................

Someone "Cpl Ben Groves from 11 EOD has just Won 20K Well DOne Him

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