War Hero
I know that it has been tried in various guises before, and that there are various www pages dedicated to it, but here is a thread for all the civis out there who need to have the more unusual terminology explained.

If you want to know what something means, ask in here.

Please try to keep it clean (this is not the NAAFI Bar) and limited to explanations rather than debate or 'sandbag sitting and lantern swinging'...


War Hero
And here is the first offering...

'Pull up a sandbag and swing the lantern'  -  Refers to the general habit of a soldier to tell (possibly tall) stories about operations, exercises and 'fishermens tales' of heroic exploits
Cake and arrse party - General state of disarray sometimes associated with a particular person's state of poor "personal admin", but typically made in reference to a group of people (they looke like a cake and arrse party) or to someone in command (he made that into a cake and arrse party). See also Cluster feck

Personal Administration the act of sorting out one's equipment, stores, rations, ablutions etc.

God's Acre Drill square.

Bimble To walk in a generally disorganised, un-soldierlike fashion.

On the bus, Off the bus State of confusion often associated with contradictory orders, or being stood up only to be immediately stood down again through a breakdown in communication.

Green Brain Also referred to as the Tactical Aid Memoire (TAM). A loose-leaf booklet in a green folder that contains crib lists for every set of orders that a Platoon Commander may have to give as well as other information useful in the battlefield

Bullsh1t Doing something for the sake of doing it even though there is no apparent reason.

NIG New In Germany. Also applies to any newly posted recruit/officer who lacks the general awareness of his/her surroundings.

Barrack Room Lawyer Every unit has one! This individual will instinctively claim to know the rule book (AGAI and QR) inside out and will quote them at every opportunity, usually in an attempt to stop someone in authority from doing something they don't like, or to try and convince someone else to do the same on their behalf.


Minging - an individual who is a stranger to a bar of soap

Kick your back doors in - generally refers to a good rogering (your own preference as to which orifice)

Gash bag - a bin liner to put all those empty beer cans in

Mess rugby - a game played by men with odd shaped balls and there doesn't appear to be any rules except see how many people you can kick the sh1t out of


Character Building - Applies to any sh*t task you are given by a superior.

Skill Fade - Officers get this a lot apparently.

Morale - Mythical term, rumoured to have been seen on occasions but never stays around long enough for a confirmed sighting.


Numpte - tw@t

hippocroccafrog - someone who is aesthetically challenged


War Hero
Frag - To abuse very physically.  From the use of a fragmentation grenade, the effects of which are designed to cause max damage to people.

Rag - To abuse physically in more constructive manner.  Normally reserved for Physical Training sessions (ie the Physical Training Instructor is going to Rag us).  Also from the act of performing rough intercourse for fun.

PTI - Physical Training Instructor.  Member of the Army Phystical Training Corps.  Assigned to a Regiment or Garrison in order to maintain the level of fitness in troops.


War Hero
S_B - numptie: a good scots word meaning an idiot or slow person.  Normally found used in the following type of sentence.......

"You f**King numptie Mckinley; what do think you're doing standing in the back blast area brewing tea!!!!!!!!"

Soup - Single officers useless purchase

FUBAR - fucked up beyond all recognition - most exercise plans end up this way.....

SNAFU - Situation Normal al Fucked up - NI says it all.......

TFBUNDY - Totally fucked but unfortunately not dead yet

Green maggot /maggot - sleeping bag

Tabbing - humping lots of heavy kit around the country side (for no real reason apart from to test an officers ability to get lost......)

Bulling - polishing brogues/boots to a high shine so that you can clearly shave in the reflection.

Glue bag - someone who is not only ugly/useless/incompetant, but who also has the physical stature of a bag of glue - very useful term when applied to describe dundoniansn or Highlanders ;D
Wouldn't be unlike me to lower to tone a tad so here goes

Blow mud- to follow through, to spill the fizzy gravy to have a lumpy trump etc

Eating sushi from a barbers shop floor- cunnilingus

Harry black- black sticky as hell tape holding Army together

Gorilla snot- axle grease

burp the worm- another phrase for the cleaning of your very personal weapon
Split arse - Females
Se also: Lumpy Jumper; BIFF (B*stard Incompetant F*cking Female), WRAC (former Women's Royal Army Corps or Weekly Ration of Army C*nt, whichever you prefer), tart, minger (descr. ugly woman), munter (ibid), WAG (Wives And Girfriends).
PONTI - Person Of No Tactical Importance. Eponymous.

Admin Vortex - Applied to a person who is personal adminnly challenged.

(to) Get your sh1t in one sock - Derived from the practice of stowing refuse in a sock or similar recepticle and carrying it in your bergen so as not to leave a trail. Also used to describe the act of sorting one's personal admin to an acceptable standard.

Bergen - Large military pattern rucksack,

PLCE - Personal Load Carrying Equipment, or Webbing. A system of pouches supported by shoulder straps used for carrying items considered essential in the field, and which along with the rifle (in theory) should always be within reach if not actually carried on the person.

Hood - short form of hoodlum meaning gangster or person who resorts to violence. Used as a term for young/junior soldiers. See also generic terms for soldiers, Grunt, Pongo, Brown Job, Cannon Fodder (inf).


War Hero

Try to keep this clean, or else it'll end up in the NAAFI Bar, and that's not it's purpose!
Beast - To encourage a quantum leap in performance by the application of verbal/physical stimulii

Gash - Rubbish, not very good.

Good/Pukka kit - opposite of Gash.

Admin Grenade - A little known weapon, that has never actually been seen, but appears to be used regularly

Grip - The act of taking control, normally used in the second person... qv. "For fcuks sake, will you get a grip of yourself/people/section/kit/Platoon 2nd Lt etc.

Grid Monster- An individual , for whom a compass and printed chart remains one of the great universal mysteries. This condition especially prevalent in 2nd Lts.

Brown Air - Oxygen contamined in the localised area, normally after Range Stew.

Range Stew - God only knows - see Brown Air

Pay Parasite - individual who hangs around AGC offices, totally unable to grasp the intricacies of their pay.

Drill Pig - An individual, who believes that the terms Left and Right can only be used in the same sentence, on an alarmingly regular basis

Brass Monkey/Brass Bandit/Brass Builder. An individual who has no discernable effect on a figure 11, despite a prodigous consumption of live ammunition.

Land Rover Grouping - See Brass Monkey

Hexi Telly - The hypnotic effect of watching the hexi stove burn, when there's bugger all else to watch in a Cold OP near Farm 13.

Warminster point - To point at an object or individual, with the flat of the palm
TEWT - Tactical Exercise Without Troops. A form of planning exercise that is done on paper/in classroom.

Buck shee - acquired throuh a non-official/authorised means.

Gucci - usually applied to kit that is non-standard.

Basha - shelter made from poncho and bungee. Also used as a noun - to basha up i.e. to make a shelter of some order.

Rat packs - Rations

Fresh - Fresh food or the non freeze-dried/boil in the bag variety. See also Nosebag.

Hard routine - when cooking and normal ablutions impossible for tactical reasons. Also applied to any generic hardships.

Meat Bomber Member of the Parachute Regiment.
Switched on Cookie - A soldier who knows his stuff , and is on top of his game

Mong - A Soldier who isn't

Switch On - The transition between Mong and Switched on cookie, normally facilitated, with large helpings of Beast.

Minging - Dirty or disgraceful kit/quarters/bedspace , To get proper drunk

Bogging - The act of being incredibly drunk.

Leppah - A quaint Northern corruption of the word Leper, and used to describe a soldier who may not have been giving of his best. The word leppah is never used on it's own, but in conjunction with the word Fookin (Whatever that is)

Lizards- Pron. Lizz-Adds - The plural of leppah, as used to describe a group of Soldiers not performing of their best.
Most commonly used in the phrase "Fookin Lizzadds"

YaFukah- Used to emphasise the seriousness of the previous form of address.

YafookinLeppahManiacYez - I'm lost for a translation/explanation here, normally accompanies a flushness of complexion and bulging veins. Best witnessed from a discreet distance , like say Farm 9 from Farm 13.

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