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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Harry W, Sep 10, 2011.

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  1. On the British Army website, under the page 'fitness standards' It says officers must do press up/ sit up and bleep tests. Under the soldier section, it says 1.5 mile run, jerry can test and static lift.Does this mean potential soldiers don't have to undergo press up tests in selection? but surely they would in the basic training?

    Here is the page: Fitness standards - British Army Website


  2. You don't do it at selection but you do it at various points in Phase 1.
  3. You are not tested on them at ADSC but you will do them whilst down there on PT session and during other activities so work on them and when ever you do them during any activity do them correctly and the exact ammount your told by the staff or you may find yourself failing selection for integrity.
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  4. Thanks guys
  5. Does this just apply to just general infantry or paras also ?
  6. Para's would get it worse I would imagine. It is arguably the toughest course in the military outside of the Special Forces elements.

    I watched a documentary a while back and basically it pays to win, first 2 people who won on a task were safe, the rest had to repeat the task or do press ups and then repeat the task. Usually done with full kit on as well.

    Plus P Coy is unbelievably physical!
  7. Just to add those run times are guide lines to get graded at ADSC...if you however want to pass with a good enough grade to get a job afterwards you will need to be running a lot quicker for PARA when you get on PRAC and well under 10.30 for your mile and a half for blokes and 12.30 for girls with the PT session on the first day and other physical tasks as they take a lot of physical stamina out of you. Your own Recruiter will advise better.
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  8. I'm thinking about going into the RA, myself so I need a run time of 13.25? I think. But I would like to do p coy at some stage so I'm aiming a shorter time
  9. As stated, its grading on ADSC not a test as such, best individual effort is what they are looking for. If you waltz in at 13.24 without breaking a sweat it will get noticed.

    RA assessment is the same as everyone one else, if however at Pirbright you show a decent level of fitness you may volunteer for 7 Para RHA.

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  10. Yeah I will be aiming for under 9.30 anyway because if I get put on p company you have to get under that in the screening part

  11. Here is a list of the exact requirement and tests you will face during ADSC and AOSB -
  12. This thread is that old the OP has more than likely passed selection, done Phase 1, been to Afghan and now on the redundancy list.
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