Army Sled dog Association

I am proposing a Sled dog association and i need the names of people wishing to join this will be open to all serving and ex serving members who like running their sled dogs on sleds and rigs
Your help will be greatly appreciated.
pmsl thats what i was thinking however i know of at leat 20-30 serving/ex serving that would like this.

Or am i pissing up the wrong tree here

Would be interested, haven't worked my dogs for a couple of years and the rig has got a bit rusty. Can you PM me with further information on what you are proposing.


would this be open to TA as well and beginer sled dog teams i only have one sibe husky at the moment but will be getting another soon-ish. Also i would like to come along to some events to get a feel for it.

i also have a few questions on the topic mainly to do with training, i'll post them here if its ok. or should i pm you / start a new topic



Dont see why not mate more the merrier as there are not too many of us nutter around PM me your details and i send details when it gets up and running
As for advice ask away

pm sent.

my first question is how do you train the gee/haw commands dont have a lead dog to teach them, all i have found on the net says they follow the leader.


i would like to get a scooter for training at first but i dont know where to find any advice on land that can be used for training with them. not too many walkers would be happy with a furry missile pullling a scooter down the foot path.

thanks again

ok mate gee haw best way honestly is command it when out walking you might look like a tit but it does work
scooters depends on how much you wanna spend really
goto also / they have links there telling you who gets em in also try the siberian husky club of great britian they have a for sale page on there selling scooters.
Hope this helps mate

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