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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Closet_Jibber, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. I'm going next week and have left kit buying a little late.

    I have borrowed a pair of Salopettes which will most likely become mine :D (The fat git will never fit into these again).

    I also have a pair of issue goggle which i ntend to use all being well.

    Is there "Really" much else I need to buy as Gore Tex jacket and thick socks are an obvious tool in any soldiers grip.

    The army will provide me with:

  2. I've just come back from Austria and found that I didn't wear my goggles once. Spent most of the time bombing around in sunnies :d
  3. breathable under togs are always good, it gets HOT on the mountain tops when the sun is out! Warm hat, decent sunscreen, waterproof gloves!
  4. Il give you a tip - When youre given your skiing boots make sure there a size too big as this stops fearsome foot/ankle pain. :)
  5. Make sure you keep your boots somewhere warm at night or when not in use.
  6. If your going to Norway on a JS ski course all the kit is provided, less thermal's and pish money.

    If its an Unit official ski trip and your on duty then the loan pool at Bicester who supply the ski platform can also issue all the required ski clothes, maybe should have been put in on the JSATFA by the person/s in charge.

    If your just on an out of areas pish up try Lidl for your one stop ski outfitter and save your cash for booze!

    On a more serious note most of the JSMTC ski courses are undersubscribed they run for all levels until April in Norway and cater for Alpine/Nordic disciplines with a mandatory touring module on all courses, less the ski instructor course's. Details available from the Training Officer

    Dont eat the yellow snow mind........
  7. I wear a Helly Hansen base layer under my salopetes/ski jacket and that keeps me warm enough in the Canadian slopes (which tend to be colder than european).

    Pick your own gloves. Some people can ski it mitts which keep your hands warmer, but some don't like mitts. I've got a cracking pair of salomons and my hands have never been cold.

    Wear a helmet.
  8. I think you must have had your boots done up to tight.
  9. Wear a Helmet you say?
  10. wear a helmet, just come back from austria with concussion cos i didn't wear a helmet,
  11. Black PVC Chaps
    Red Thong
    Leatherette biker Hat
    Aviator Specs
  12. There's always one. :roll:
  13. Thats just his beloved touring want to see his Nordic track Fischer suit, Stunning!
  14. aren't you one too!?
  15. If you're not too confident on skis or if this is your first time then a helmet is probably a good idea as you'll spend more time hurtling through the air than you will on your feet. This however is most of the fun until you get confident to start egging it down the steeper slopes.

    I've not long come back from Austria and didn't wear a helmet, spent the whole week in sunglasses, and didn't wear anything other than my ski suit with a thin t-shirt underneath. When you get going you soon get warm, the only time I started to get cold was when sat on a lift.