Army signs deal with Stonewall

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Countryman, Jul 14, 2008.

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  1. Clicky for BBC report

  2. Stonewall. Only interested in positive discrimination.
    Having anything to do with them is a backwards step and only ties the Army to their bullshit.
    More PC rubbish that costs money and irritates the majority.
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, definitely brings a new kind of Militancy to the Military. Whats next - appoint Peter Tatchell to the General Staff?
  4. I might start of group called the white straight normal person who pays taxes and works hard for a living.
    Wonder if the these firms will join my mouthpiece if I were to start it up - I think not.
  5. Always wondered why a group in to diversity and all that gumph, would call themselves "stonewall"? Doesn´t conjure up images of an open group who welcomes all views does it.
  6. Political correctness gone mad. Why doesn't the MoD utilise its time and efforts elsewhere by ensuring better conditions for Armed Forces personnel whatever their orientation. Soon heterosexual personnel will be the in the minority.

    Standby for Flash and his comments...........................
  7. there must have been some govt input into this
  8. Surely: gives me the willies........... :p
  9. I have no issue if various organisations want to help with recruiting: we don't actually have a problem hitting our targets (when viewed across the Army as a whole) so no dramas.

    But what specific measures are Stonewall going to bring in to retain gayers that couldn't also be used to retain others? It smacks of incipient positive discrimination: we aren't the Met for God's sake. Just leave people alone to be whatever they want to be, and let them get there on their own merits - or otherwise.

    It is just possible to be black/gay/dwarf and be crap at your job as well. Plenty of 'white' or 'heterosexual' or 'around about 5 foot 10' people manage it every day without the need for a 'specialist action focus group'.
  10. Wonder no more:

    What is the significance of the name "Stonewall"?
  11. Poor a committed Christian this must have stuck in his throat like a...a...well you get my drift.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Apart from being some 5,000 short?
  13. Oh, I don't know. Love the sinner, and all that. So long as people pass the Service test, he'll probably be fine with it :)

    I'm still smiling at the CofE's vocal minority demonstrating that bigotry exists above dog collars as much as anywhere else...

    ...speaking as an ex-member of a church that has no problem with female ministers, or female Moderators for that matter. I must have missed the part of the Bible that laid out how established churches were to be recruited and run.
  14. Religious doctrine is not exactly like military doctrine GB!

    The "sinfully intolerant" (sic) CofS might however have a problem or two with Bishop Robinson and his ilk?
  15. He may do but I wouldnt have thought that Peter Tatchell has anything to do with this reported initiative. He was one of the founders of Outrage!, a very different organisation from Stonewall, which he has criticised for its focus on lobbying and workplace negotiations as opposed to so-called direct action.

    Well, he's a Bishop, for a start!