Army should not use people shaped targets

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by AFA06, Jan 19, 2010.

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  1. A bloke who staged a one man protest outside a barracks holding a placard stating, 'Stop Training Murderers' has complained about being arrested. He claims he did this after learning that recruits used 'people shaped targets' during weapon training.

    Maybe he has a point, surely shooting at people shaped targets will make us all violent towards people running at us with guns.
  2. He looks like a good people shaped target.
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    he's got a point. you could hurt someone with one of them gun things if you're not careful.
  4. disturbingly this is actually real!

    and it was outside a cadet unit!!

    we dont even use fig 11's most of the time!

  5. I think this Hippy-Waster should be used for bayonet practice in front of all his ex-Public school chums.

    Just so they get the message.
  6. Newsflash - politics student turns out to be illiterate retard... :roll:
  7. "He says a neighbour came out and asked what he was doing and after an amicable conversation, during which the man pointed out he had got a couple of letters the wrong way around, he went home again."

    nice to see that students need to learn English BEFORE going to University.

    EDIT: Sorry, B_Z already said it. DOH!
  8. Pathetic, naive, spoilt little rich kid, pampered and cosseted by mummy and daddy, now looking for some direction in life and worried sick that he won't be able to travel to Marrakesh to join all his fellow, upper-class drug taking mates. I actually pity him more than anything.
  9. He's been turned down for an internship at The Houses of Parliament due to his record; well, he's cut out for a political career with his knack of not seeing that actions have consequences.
  10. From the link:

    Well Moulton says the police were heavy handed in their method of arrest. Does this ’student’ not read the press? Does he not know that we have active terrorist groups in the country? Does he not know there is a war on? The self proclaimed pacifist is taking action against his conviction because now he cannot go to the USA on holiday. Well maybe if he just grew up and acted his age none of this would have happened would it!!

    s*** happens, think about the realities before you open your mouth!
    Would it be that targets are human shaped, because being in the military means, chances are you are trained as a soldier/matelot/crab and everyone has basic weapons training to enable one to stop your oponent before he/she takes you out?
    Do these people have any realisation, that the only reason they can gob off is down to people who have had to use weapons, point them at human targets and have the balls to close a trigger?
    So, on the range, with a mansize silhoutte - isn't it the aim to hit the body mass? Therefore you need a point of reference - can't be arrsed. Somebody give the useless piece of flesh a good scudding.
    Now if targets were nice innocent furry creatures..............................think where that would lead!
  11. Cocks at the ready!

    In your own time............................................
  12. At our ACF unit, they are not allowed to fire at human shaped targets, and has been the rule for some time across the ACF! It was when I was a cadet too!

    Though, Im sure, if we ensured cadets only fired at circles, the circle rights activists would come out of hiding and do much the same thing.

    So, students, wazz on war memorials and call army cadets murderers! Good working relationship building here!
  13. Im sure your not, but please dont tar all us students with same brush as this dickhead.
    He's simply come out of A-levels listening to all the politcal bullshit taught and thinking 'now its my time to do my bit for politics and the good of the state!!'. And when the state reacts? 'they were heavy handed!!' cant please some eh?
  14. double post
  15. Im not.

    Im just pointing out that this hasn't been a very good year for the student - military relationship.