Has anybody got a spare WW1, ASC (not RASC) cap badge they wish to sell?

I am also looking for a pair of WW1 pattern riding boots in size 9 and a pair of breeches 34in (ish) waist. I am also looking for a grey other ranks slip on shirt for this period.

Condition not important as I will be wearing it as 'working dress' at a WW1 living history society.

If any body has a pair of long puttees and a pair of WW1 pattern boots in size 9 I would be interested also.

I would be interested in any WW1 uniforms and kit.

I have looked at the commercial dealers who reproduce this uniform as new but unable to afford there prices so I am happy to wear second hand used kit.

If you have been involved in this type of activity and no longer partake and you have kit lying around please send me a PM.

Thank you.

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