Army sergeant loses out on payout

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by c_w_wan87, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. Targets will fall when hit, In your own time go on ^~
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  2. It would help if the article wasn't littered with half truths and inaccuracies, however, it is to be expected from defence journalism ^~
  3. Unlucky - I genuinely mean it. But as the MoD said, they had to draw the line somewhere - unfortunately for him it fell 3 days short of his 18 year point. He says he faces financial ruin? Really? Even with the generous lump sum that he'll get & the year of time to look for a new job? Potentially homeless? Well, if LCpl's in my company can square away their finances to the extent that they can afford to pay for a house, even when they get pout, then i'd expect a nearly 18-year served Senior to be able to.

    And can the media stop calling every single member of the armed forces a hero. The overwhelming majority of us aren't. Except me, of course, with my VC, MC, DSO & Bar.
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  4. Plenty of political capital to be made at this chaps expense as well.

    Maybe Labour will right this injustice then they get in in 2015!! Don't hold your breath!!

    I have known people in civvy private sector and with 25 years service walk away with less than half that.
    Granted the job responsibilities were different and you can't compare chalk with cheese but this is not an unreasonable offer is it?
  5. I notice the quotes are mostly from his missus, for some strange reason I feel she is the one who is actually gutted at missing out on their little nest egg.
  6. Dingerr had a fair bit to say on this subject but seeing as its current affairs...
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  7. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Ok I now know why the MOD has - despite a budget of £30 billion - no money.
  8. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Incredibly unlucky, but if the MoD makes an exception for him then they'll need to make an exception for everyone else as well. There needs to be a line, it's a shame for him that he's the wrong side of it but that package is incredibly generous compared to what he would likely receive in civvy street.

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  9. Not just the MoD: Public Sector pensions are a huge issue for because there is no fund as such & so have to be paid out of current revenues, i.e. taxes. Argue about the size of that back hole and how to limit if you if you want, but it exists and is a problem no doubt for any future government.

    There are always cases like this at the margin and it matters not if the individual was the 103rd man on the balcony or Keeper of the Regimental Forms & Paper Clips, it is a bitter blow and simply reeks.
  10. Seems to be all the rage nowadays.

    (and if I can just add that I really couldn't care less about what he gets, or doesn't, as the case would appear)
  11. He is just another soldier who thinks that the MOD is interested in his welfare. Like the NHS, the MOD is only really interested in administering itself, providing enough gravy to fill the many troughs and ensuring that senior officers and Civil Servants have jobs with suppliers when their time at the MOD is over. I have been out of the Army for a few years now but I seem to remember that soldiers awaiting courts martial had their discharge delayed until the courts martial was over. Don't worry it's just me thinking aloud!
  12. Damn, he was only three days from retirement...
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  13. According to the Article, he will be 3 days from his 18 year point (reduced from a normal 22) IPP on leaving. Sucky. But like many of the QGJM/QDJM medal threads, there is a cut off date.
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  14. He was 4 years and 3 days away from an immediate pension! Unlucky for him he fell just the wrong side of the line that the Army drew. There will always be someone just the wrong side of the line. Deal with it. Whats she wingeing about? He'll get what he's entitled to.