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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by calum141, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. Right, I know there's probally a million topics on this. But could someone basicially explain the whole of their army selection 2 day and explain and tell what you did?

    I also have another worry.. I'm fit running wise but weight wise I'm quite weak. Can someone advise what machines in the gym and food I shud eat to get strong fast? Arm curls is what I struggle on most, manage just about 10kg on that atm which is ridicilous but I believe I can achieve good.
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  3. Ok seeing as the search button obviously isn't working for you... :x

    Army selection takes place at a ASDC (Army Selection and Development Centre) of which there are few dotted around the country. This is a two day course that tests your ability to do the following...

    • Run a 1.5 mile distance in a limited amount of time (Dependant on the role you go for)

    • Lift up to 55kg in weight

    • Carry two 20kg weights (In the form of two water filled jerry cans, one in each hand) up to a distance of 150m

    • Various agility and strength tests such as pull ups, pull tests, etc. Press ups and sit ups are rarely tested at ASDC (But you should practise them all the same as you will do loads of them when you get to basic)

    • Team tests to see how well you perform when working as a team.

    • Medicals to see if your healthy and fit enough to go for basic training.

    • A basic test to see how well you retain information and a technical test if your going for a technical role.

    As for fitness, if your ok running wise concentrate on pressups and sit ups. You don't need mega amounts of muscle, it's all about aerobic fitness. Provided you can lift 55kg with two hands your sweet.
  4. If you know there's relevant topics already asking/answering youe question then why make a subject on it?

    The programme at the ADSC in short will give you a insight into the Army and consists of:

    A full medical examination to ensure that you are fit enough to join the army an also undergo training without incurring any injury.

    Gymnasium tests on Day 1 at the centre which concerntrates on upper body strength and a best effort 1.5 mile run early on day 2 usually 8.00 - 8.30AM.

    Introduction to the training, a CO or NCO will talk to you on the general aspects of the training and life in the army. Also have a chance to speak to recruits in phase 1 training.

    Technical Selection Tests that you will be made to do if you wish to join RE/R Signals/REME/RAC/H Cav/RLC

    Then lastly the interview with the officer who will tell you if you have passed selection. You will be expected to have knowledge on your job choice and training involved.

    This just gives a overview of the two day course. Need to take in consideration of the Ice Breaker/Team tasks/Military lesson/Grenade throw.

    If your weak on your upper body strength you should work on it, especially chin ups or heaves what ever you wan't to call them. Hope maybe this is some help you and if their is or/a (better) topic on this subject then apoliges.
  5. Is the TST just a maths test?
  6. Yes the TST is a maths test. It will focus on topics such as:

    Whole number divison, decimal addition, subtration, multiplication, division. As well fraction addition, metric unit conversion, averages, ratios, proportion, scale, prcentages, area, angles, volume.

    I could go on listing, might be a good idea to brush up on the maths and do some revision because its pretty much sitting all GCSE' mathematic subjects.
  7. Ouch. Looks like I'll have to brush up...quite a bit! Havn't done maths in two years :x
  8. Yeah, theres 55 questions (I think), Its basically fractions, percentages and division shite.
  9. Compared to the numeracy test you do along with your barb, how much harder is it?
  10. only a little bit, and yes there are only 55 questions with a calculator. theres quite a few on algebra, brush up on that, youll have a good time, you get to know the lads pretty quick, good luck
  11. grenade throw? Is this a wah or do you really have to hoi a grenade?
  12. More of a case they teach you how to throw one correctly, and then you have to recall all this quick training, and throw a mock grenade in the priorly described manner. Exercise shows how good you are at remembering things and learning i believe.
  13. I'm really worried about the weights. I'm just waiting for my medical and school reference to clear then I've got my interview.

    I am at a gym nearly every day and on arm curls I can do about 10kg in 3x12 sets. Thats not good.

    Im good with my back tho, can do 40kg. Just need to seriously work on my arm strength fast :(
  14. Algebra i never got that in school im fucked!
  15. If you want muscle mass, then you wanna do heavier weights and lower reps. Also how much triceps work are you doing? Tricep work is well important. Do tricep kickbacks. Google it.

    Heavier weights, less reps about 6-8. Make sure that on your final rep its hard work.

    And work your triceps, try different exercises for your arms. Tri dips are really good, but don't lean forward cos you work your chest, rather than triceps. Best advice is ask someone at the gym, draw you up a routine.

    Also eat healthy, makes a big difference. Cut the crap! you'll do fine, all they are looking for at selection is effort. Cos if you have motivation and determination then fitness can easily be improved. Also they're not looking for the final product.

    You'll be fine.