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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by dedication17, May 30, 2012.

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  1. hii i had my ADSO in belfast and i past everything even done a time of 8 mins in the run,but now was told that my left eye is corrected but my right eye needs to be corrected by 6/12 i can see perfectly well with my glasses but now have to go back to my recruiter after all my hard work and see if im gonna get a job offer,im so so in bits as ive been thru it all and to be told on one eye not meeting the minimum standards is devastating,i havent had a yes or no in the interview just have to post my opticians report backk to the medical team in the morning.Will i get any job offer even thou i got graded with a B???any suggestions would help alot,thanks....:neutral:
  2. Who knows?
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  3. Prince Albert, you are an evil genius!
  4. Did you get told you have to see an ophthalmologist?
  5. Dont you mean Optician?
  6. No, he means what he said. An eye doctor essentially.
  7. Albert 1- Mick 0
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  8. I was told to go back to see my own optician and i did so this evening but he filled the card out again and same report as the one the medical wing recieved a few months ago.Thanks for ur reply.
  9. Mehh, not much sound of progress then. Do keep me posted please,
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