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Hi there i started processing my application by 2012 cristmas time since them days from now,
My BARB test i have *done* , my medical diary has come back and i have had the okay to go out to the Brigade pre selection briefing on site 4, i picked up my train tickets and im goin this wednesday the 13 march 013, but i havent had any interviews and i see most people have had these interviews before and that, i dont understand how im goin on this with out havin them before, i am pretty nervous for wednesday but buzzed and looking forward to it, is there main things i will have to conanstrat on when i go , i goin to put in everything ive got that, im not sure what i should wear to arrive there in , it says treat it as and interview but at my local careers office srg , izen said i look fine to go in what i was wearing then which was some like skinny jeans pumps and a shirt and a jacket? would i go in like a tie and black trouses and that for this day out?
Dress smartly, you want to create a good impression, certainly not jeans and trainers; I'd suggest trousers, shoes, shirt and jacket. If you have a tie, wear one. You might feel a little 'odd man out', but its better to look smarter than the average bear than the alternative; you are the only person wearing jeans and trainers... Wash and iron your shirt the day before, especially the collar and front.

Also, clean and polish your shoes. Its one of the easiest ways to create a fist impression - good or bad, depending on whether your shoes are clean and polished, or scuffed and unpolished.

Its a briefing, not selection, but that doesn't mean you don't need to look as clean and smart as possible. You are looking at them, they are looking at you. Good luck.
Okay thanks for your advise pal :) , so is this briefing like it only a day it is , but is it to let them decide weither i can go forward to ADSC in lichfield for my 2 days course then?, becuase i know i have to take like shorts running trainers tracksuiet clothing water proof just incase poor weather and that.
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