Army school set for £3bn overhaul

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_Big_Show, Sep 1, 2008.

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  1. Not sure if this has been covered yet:

    Army school set for £3bn overhaul

    The Army's Royal School of Engineering (RSME) is set for a £3bn overhaul of its training and accommodation after signing a major contract.

    The Ministry of Defence has signed a 30-year contract with Holdfast, a private sector consortium, led by Wolverhampton builder Carillion.

    From next January, private sector trainers will teach Royal Engineers skills such as bricklaying.

    Any opinions on this?
  2. huh. i suppose that leaves the pioneers only doing laundry now.
  3. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Given that the central ethos of the Army is "Soldier first, tradesman second" what is the problem? Civvie tradesmen will in general be better AT THAT TRADE. They spend their whole working lives doing it. Lying in muddy ditches while getting shot at is unlikely even in areas of Toxteth and Moss Side. Therefore having civvies teaching the civvie style trades should be more cost effective. But of course we know it won't be...
  4. Why can't anybody grasp that it cannot be cost effective to the taxpayer if a private company is getting 30 years of profit out of the deal? Keep it in house and there is no profit margin to pay for.

    Another fooking expensive rip off for the taxpayer. I wonder who owns Holdfast and more to the point who's bosom buddy they are.
  5. 1. They'll recruit ex-military guys to deliver exactly the same thing.

    2. Surely RSME comes under the remit of DTR and the project must be finite?
  6. Mentions Minley in there. Surely thats not going to happen? 1 RSME I can understand (ish) but Cbt Engineering?

    Shame DEODS and the NSC is moving. To Biscester of all places :pukel:
  7. Difficult to know the value of a ppp that ties in training of soldiers in the same contract that commits to upgrade / build accomadation.

    Can anyone confirm the future of current facilities in the Medway area once this ppp is up and running? I am reading this as a large chunk of real estate becoming available to the government to sell off, no doubt as a way of off-setting the future costs. Or is this incorrect?

    Personal opinion is that RSME will suffer in the long term, and that any "gaps" in the training specification will impact the RE (and others) long after Carillion's shareholders have had their dividends.

    There again, given the Labour Government's history of managing complex out-sourcing and PPP specifically, what could possibly go wrong? :roll:
  8. Actually no. Why does anyone assume that length of time doing any job equates to quality of workmanship and/or ability to develop those skills in others? Doing and Teaching are very different.

    In my time (and no doubt those of others, too) at RSME there was a combination of Sapper and civilian instructors. Some were excellent, others were merely good. But they certainly were all demanding taskmasters and instilled a sense of pride in one's work.

    Frankly I doubt if many of today's civilian only establishments would do the same. The quality of 'training' which I have seen since those days has been dire.
  9. 100% agreed.

    Does anyone here know what Carillion's experience in conducting large scale training programs is?

    How many students Carillion have taught during the last five years, or what the KPI's of "success" will be?

    As an afterthought, will this ppp result in soldiers building their own accomadation as part of their training?
  10. Carrillion is run by organised criminals. Check this from the mag that WH Smiths refused to stock. Wonder why?

    So I don't imagine they will be including this in the curriculum

    False Flag Fever: 9/11, 7/7 & The War On Terror In Context

    25 minute lecture and discussion about how 9/11 and 7/7 were almost certainly 'Business as usual' for Western Intelligence Agencies. Martin explains that they have a grisly record of killing their own countrymen and then blaming the attack on someone else. The so called 'false flag', black operation.

    Interesting - also - that the entity who started this thread is going out of his way to ridicule an honest man who at least had a go at paying the ultimate price for us all. An appauling person to be on ops. with.