Army School of Engineering

RoyalEngineers said:

Does it operate ANYTHING like a school?
In the sense that you are being taught something, taking notes and having 3 tests a week and that there are about 30-40 of you in a troop.

what do you do during this training period
Well, read the link that you supplied to the RE website, main page I think. Basically, 10 week course, 8 subjects, 1 per week. 1 week Exercise, 1 week pass of rehearsal/construction exercise. Get you're belt, go on guard if you are recieving driver training, if not, you got to Chatham.

other than get beasted to the ground
Correct, ALOT more physical that basic training, but less bullshit, but make no mistake, still plenty of it. You should get you're weekends to yourself though.

by an attractive oriental woman with facial hair.
No, they clean you're dishes, I assume you're meaning the Mac Mess Monster though. :wink:

To be honest, you shouldn't be worrying about your B3. Pass selection, get accepted into the army first. Take things as they come in training, no point in worrying about your first week at Gib, when you're about to go on the drill square on week 6 of basic training.
I have a head start in drill ;) What i'm gonna do in Basic is play the fast learner, keep what I THINK I know under my hat. The RMSE sounds interesting, whilst challenging and diverse :p

I just seem to be waiting for this start to come really. I almost cacked myself at the doctors when Athsma popped up on the screen; it was just a symptom check lol cause I had a sore throat. So I guess it's always gonna haunt me :( 7 months left!
TWO ears & ONE mouth.

keep the TWO OPEN & the ONE SHUT.

you will be fine.
A_Knocker_Till_The_End said:
TWO ears & ONE mouth.

keep the TWO OPEN & the ONE SHUT.

you will be fine.
and try not to over do it on the energy drinks and suppliments to try and stay awake to do your best book. thank god that parts over for me :wink:

Keep your head down and you ears open and brain in overdrive and you'll do just fine mate. 8)

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