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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by fluffaduck, Dec 9, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys, just to let any interested future scholars know that I have just won one, and so please feel free to PM me about anything and everything to do with it, and I will do my best to answer as honestly as I can.

    As there don't seem to be many threads on it, I thought I might give a quick overview of what it's about, etc - Mods please feel free to remove if you think it's pointless, it is all available on the Army Website anyway, but a bit hidden away

    Eligibility: 'You need to be aged between 16-16 years 6 months to apply for either the Spring, or Autumn Competition dependant on your date of birth. Closing dates apply. Also, you need to be on track to acheive a minimum of 18 ALIAS points from your best 7 grades at GCSE, bascially at least 7 A*'s or A's.

    Reward : £1500 for each year of Sixth Form, and then £1000 at uni ('subject to satisfactory performance'), and then a bounty of £3000 after RMAS.

    Contest : The Scholarship Boards sit twice a year, and they are preceeded by a process to weed out the weakest candidates (this is all done through your ACA) . Once you have got past this first hurdle, you move on to the scholarship boards themselves. In essence, they are a two-day test of you capabilities in leadership, your intelligence and also your fitness and ability to keep calm under pressure. The Board is looking for ' a wise head on young shoulders' , and this doesn't just mean intelligence! There is an obstacle course, two interviews, a current affairs essay, a series of leadership tasks, an intelligene test (Mental Aptitude Profile) and a written planning exercise - all very similar to the AOSB Main Board, but shorter and more condensed.

    Lots more information here : Sixth form education and scholarships - British Army Website and here:

    This is the barebones, and I could probably go into a lot more detail, but this I hope gives an outline of what to expect, and the sort of commitment involved.

    Again, PM me or post below with any questions or errors I have made,


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  2. roadster, thank you very much :)
  3. Thank you...this post was really helpful (even though it's from 2 years ago...!).

    I've only just joined this website so I don't really know how to send personal messages but I'm applying for the scholarship and I'd be interested to find out more if you could give me any more info?

    Cheers :)

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  4. You don't seem to be a member of the site, so I don't think you can send PMs as a guest, but what would you like to know? Impressive thread resurrection by the way!
  5. He probably got shot for newness in the great ARRSE cull and hasn't applied to be resurrected … Unlike the thread ...