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Hi guys, just to let any interested future scholars know that I have just won one, and so please feel free to PM me about anything and everything to do with it, and I will do my best to answer as honestly as I can.

As there don't seem to be many threads on it, I thought I might give a quick overview of what it's about, etc - Mods please feel free to remove if you think it's pointless, it is all available on the Army Website anyway, but a bit hidden away

Eligibility: 'You need to be aged between 16-16 years 6 months to apply for either the Spring, or Autumn Competition dependant on your date of birth. Closing dates apply. Also, you need to be on track to acheive a minimum of 18 ALIAS points from your best 7 grades at GCSE, bascially at least 7 A*'s or A's.

Reward : £1500 for each year of Sixth Form, and then £1000 at uni ('subject to satisfactory performance'), and then a bounty of £3000 after RMAS.

Contest : The Scholarship Boards sit twice a year, and they are preceeded by a process to weed out the weakest candidates (this is all done through your ACA) . Once you have got past this first hurdle, you move on to the scholarship boards themselves. In essence, they are a two-day test of you capabilities in leadership, your intelligence and also your fitness and ability to keep calm under pressure. The Board is looking for ' a wise head on young shoulders' , and this doesn't just mean intelligence! There is an obstacle course, two interviews, a current affairs essay, a series of leadership tasks, an intelligene test (Mental Aptitude Profile) and a written planning exercise - all very similar to the AOSB Main Board, but shorter and more condensed.

Lots more information here : Sixth form education and scholarships - British Army Website and here:

This is the barebones, and I could probably go into a lot more detail, but this I hope gives an outline of what to expect, and the sort of commitment involved.

Again, PM me or post below with any questions or errors I have made,




Thank you...this post was really helpful (even though it's from 2 years ago...!).

I've only just joined this website so I don't really know how to send personal messages but I'm applying for the scholarship and I'd be interested to find out more if you could give me any more info?

Cheers :)

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You don't seem to be a member of the site, so I don't think you can send PMs as a guest, but what would you like to know? Impressive thread resurrection by the way!
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