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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by CJM, Feb 17, 2011.

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  1. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt


    I'm aware that there is an awful lot of this kind of post, so I apologise profusely in advance; I've scanned the site and unfortunately have yet to find a definitive answer for my questions. I've just sent off my Army Interest Form with the Sixth Form Scholarship box ticked, how long should I expect to wait before I receive a reply? Secondly, I've been researching current affairs (reading the Telegraph), current role of the army and touching up on mental maths (I'm predicted a "C", so I would imagine there will be some basic testing) such as speed/distance/time equations and fuel consumption questions, but are there any other ways to prepare?

    Many thanks,

    (Oh, will I be ok wearing my School uniform for the interview? Blue blazer and tie?)
  2. In my experience, they are pretty good at turnaround - I'd expect to hear from them within a week, or two at most.
    Try getting a range of current affairs - the Telegraph will only give you one side of things.
    Going after the current role of the army is a good thing to do.
    Not sure about school uniform - if you have a suit, I imagine that would be better.
    If you're looking at a C in maths then yes, lots of mental arithmetic would be advisable.

    In general, if you look at the advice relating to initial interviews, AOSB Briefing that'll give you a reasonable idea.

    "I'm aware that there is an awful lot of this kind of post, so I apologise profusely in advance" - if there weren't an awful lot of this kind of question then this forum probably wouldn't exist...
  3. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    Thanks for the quick response. Would the "Times" serve the purpose of providing an alternative view on current affairs? I understand they are centre left politically? With regard to the suit however, alas, I've never needed one so unfortunately I don't own one.
  4. Borrow your dad's jacket? I myself wouldn't wear a school blazer, but a school tie might be passable depending on what state it's in. I had a mate applied for one in November and he still hasn't heard back, so I wouldn't hold your breath exactly but that's only my own experience.
  5. I would advise picking up a copy of the Week, it contrasts different views on top stories and has opinions, same with the Economist, however hence the name it can be very money orientated. Also worth picking up the Sunday Times and reading through the News Review, has everything you need to know in it and in some circles it is believed to be where topics of debate are chose from for Westbury. Also one final one, bbc website, daily, concise, up to date, to the point and keeps you on top of everything.
  6. my personal favourite.

    at westbury we were told we should be reading a range of stuff - both right and left (get a clothes peg for your nose before diving into the guardian!) but also to get the odd tabloid.
  7. Are you 16 yet? Because they won't give you an application form until you are. I sent the interest form off back in November, then had an interview at school with the careers officer last week because I was 16 in January. The colonel who does all the army careers stuff for my school (and others in the region) gave me an application form for the scholarship as well as another for a potential officers insight course.
  8. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    I was 16 in January, I sent the form off one week ago.
  9. Regarding dress for the interview, don't worry about it they don't particulary care I was in my cadets uniform as I had CCF that day. But if you're in your school uniform top button done up sort of thing don't look scrappy.

    Hope that helps,


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  10. Then I expect it should be more than about 2 weeks before you hear back from them, a friend of mine was 16 back in September, sent his interest form off in early November and had received an application form in the post less than 2 weeks later. I had to actually see the careers officer in school myself at the interview to get my application form, didn't ask why though. You might do the same, if your school has an army careers officer who visits for interviews?
  11. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    Yes, we do. I've already spoken to the Lt. Col. who is in charge of the region's schools. If it still hasn't arrived in a couple of weeks I'll phone him up.
  12. Hey, Im in the same position as you, sent my interest form on the 8th (University Bursuary). I aim to watch the bbc news 2 times a day, read the 'I' newspaper everyday and watch The Andrew Marr show, Question time and The Politics Show every Sunday. In addition I train 6 days a week. Hope this helps.
  13. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    Ok, I received the blue scholarship form, and sent that off, and I've got an envelope of medical papers through to fill out now. However, it asks some really odd questions. "Have you ever missed a day of school/work due to illness?" Do they really want me to list every time I've been ill? Or should I just put: I've never been off for longer than a couple of days?
  14. They're only really concerned with long periods of time a week or over etc the odd days don't really matter

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  15. I would suggest, having been on the scholarship board myself, that current affairs is not given as high a priority as on Main Board- the only current affairs questions I was asked were during my interview with the educational advisor, who asked me about members of the Cabinet and so on- you only really need a rudimentary working knowledge.

    What I will advise you to do is to prepare physically as much as you can- the 500m run has been replaced by a multi-stage fitness test; the pass mark is 9.3 for males, but you'll be doing it in coveralls, so you should be aiming for at least 11 to be safe- in the last one I did before starting the board I got 10.10, but only got 9.0 on the day (before you ask, yes I did fail).

    I'd also advise that you have a go at an obstacle course at some point before you go- if you can't climb an 8ft wall on your own, then learn to! Same goes for ropes as well- get the technique for climbing them down, and you'll be laughing.

    The thrust of my point is that current affairs aren't as important as fitness- don't make the mistake I did and under-prepare.