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Discussion in 'Officers' started by JoeGeorgeLong, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. So, I've got some basic information about the Sixth Form Scholarship off of the internet and was hoping for some advice about what I should do in preparation for the final board. Should I broaden my general military knowledge? Does it help being a cadet (CCF)?

    Also, could someone give me some more information on the Kings Royal Hussars, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and Intelligence Corps as they are the regiments that I am looking at joining.

  2. Read more than one newspaper, form an opinion, practice public speaking and improve your fitness

    CCF doesn't count for anything as those who were in it seemed to think they were ninjas

    At least thats' the way it was 14 years ago

    Speak to the career man about visits to the various reg. More the merrier
  3. By reading more than one newspaper do you mean I should read The Times as well as The Telegraph or try and add a tabloid or The Grauniad into the mix?

  4. Check your PMs
  5. Things you should be worried about: Fitness, planning exercises, current affairs, general military knowledge and speaking.

    Get yourself onto the Army website and get your hands on as many 'good' newspapers as you can in the run up to entry. I also found that listening to BBC World Service (as suggested by the ACA(O)) helped alot.

    Planning exercises can be found on ARRSE somewhere because people have posted loads of requests for them. It may also help to address general knowledge and sort out mathematical skills as they do like getting you to do random calculations as well as asking questions about things such as time zones.

    Finally, get yourself onto a fitness program - nothing fancy because they aren't looking for gladiators but get yourself running and work on upper body strength as well.

    Being in the CCF is good to put on the form as an example of something that you have done but it doesn't really help you in the long run. Quite a few people on my selection were CCF and they didn't really stand out due to it. I had no link the military before I applied (other than personal interest) and I got through the selection process so it really isn't that important.

    I'm sure that other people on this site can and have given better advice but if you want anything else then PM me and I shall be happy to help!