Hi, one of the documents I have been sent prior to my interview was a sheet with some questions I may possibly be asked.

I have jotted some notes next to some, however there is some I would like to here someone else's view on.

For example, 'Your motivation for applying for an Army Scholarship' and what will the 'Basic mental arithmetic' entail?



Motivation: Why do you want the scholarship. Only you can really answer that.

Basic mental arithmetic: multiplication/division. Probably wise to get used to doing speed/distance/time calculations in your head.


People say it's generally an easy interview, but my experience was completely different. However I believe it's all down to the officer in question.

Never got asked about my motivation for joining surprisingly, also never got asked about army 2020.

I was in there for 2 hours, had to give a presentation on myself for 5 minutes.
Moral questions, last time you broke the law, an ethical dilemma you experienced recently.
Time distance - you're doing 40mph how long will it take for you to travel 15 miles ? The SCA will be doing a load of tricks to fluster you while you're working that out, mine started figiting, heavy sighs, swivelling in his chair, checking his watch and loads more little petty things. And if you totally blank don't say "I give up or I don't know" just keep lobbing out answers, they wouldn't look favourably on you saying you can't do it.
Quizzed on weapons used, vehicles and rank insignia, unit hierarchy platoon company regiment etc etc

You may get more education related questions and motivational ones as you're going for the scholarship and are presumably a good bit younger than me.
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