army saws

Today a flexible saw came in to my possession, its in a dark green 58 pattern sack and the handles of the saw are made by screwing together 2 pieces of wood with the brass loop that is on the end in-between them. Also in the sack were a file and a chisel of some sort. The blade looks almost like a chain saw blade and the handles fix on to both ends so 2 people and use it, if you see what I mean. Can anyone remember being issued ones of these and how long ago did you last see one.

Cheers in advance.
I remember them in fact I was kicking myself for not rescuing said saws and some strange things that I now know where boxed sun compasses from the skip when the bks were rebuilt in the mid 80's, useless kit but worth a few quid on E bay today if prefixed and spun.

Young lad then more interested in drinking and smoking..........
Don't want to drag this off-topic, but I found shed-loads of sun compasses in Mutrah Souk (Oman) a few years back, anyone know how much they're worth ?

Going by the manufacturing dates on the back of them (approx 1910 onwards), they must have been taken out there and used when the country was being mapped, way before the few roads had been built.
r.e. chippies will use any type of saw to butcher wood they are not fusy, the older the saw the rougher the cut!!!!
cheers for ur replies guys, dus anyone know when they started making these things, as the saw was in amoungst some tools that belonged to my dads grandad and he died before the war and no ones touched the tools since still had newspaper from the great war on top of them. Im pritty sure its 58 pattern unless its that older stuff that they used in the tropics.


At a rough guess I'd say not 58 patt but maybe a lot earlier!
Def not going to be '58' pattern then if they predate the war!!!

Best suggestion towards dates etc would be to look for the'Crows Foot' mark which should be on them some where, I think they used to put the date of manufacture below the mark. Therefore if I'm right there should be a date there. The bag will be marked somewhere with an ink stamp, may be a bit faint now though.

Failing that, try contacting the RE Museum at Brompton Bks Chatham RE Museum theres enough 'Old Farts' there who would probably remember trialing the kit before issue :lol: :lol: :lol: (jokin apart, a very very good place to start, a veritable mine of information)

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