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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ArmyisMyDream, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. i was just wondering what sort of pace you run at when you start basic? i.e how many mins per mile?


    help appreciated
  2. Aim for around 10 minute miles for your longer distance work as a starting point, anything under 3 miles go best effort.
  3. Longer runs will be with bergan therfore at plodding pace. PT sessions will be hard exercise with sprinting between obstacles/exercises. I doubt if you will all go out for a run as we know it, i.e. t-shirt and trainers. The only time min per mile pace is of consequence is BFT and CFT or whatever they are called now.
  4. thanks that clears up some things in my head :)
  5. That is the main gist of it.

    I remember being told we were going to do a 2 mile boot run, "spot on" I thought - it was a 2 mile boot run, we even stopped after a mile.

    However when stopped it was fireman carrys over a field of about 300m taking it in turns with a mate for about 15 mins, then another 15 mins dragging eachother, then the last mile back into camp was done sprinting between objects.

    Gleaming :D Never get complacent during a PT session!
  6. Six minutes per mile will give you a nine minute PFT/BFT (1.5 mile) run time, which would be a good effort.

    From memory, P-Coy runs (longer then 1.5 miles) were run at 7mins 30s per mile, I don't think that has changed any and that is one of the most arduous courses the Army offers (there are other arduous courses, I'm not trying to start a pissing contest :D )

    Hope that helps :wink:
  7. BFT-wise, my PTI was fond of putting up this on the notice board and pointing to it:

    A ten minute mile is lardy-arsed.

    An eight minute mile is out of shape.
    <---------------------------------------------------- You should be aiming for here, (7 mins.)
    A six minute mile is spot on fitness.

    A four minute mile is World Class.
  8. What are nine and five minutes then?
  9. It was written by a PTI.... :wink: