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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FluffyBunny, Jul 14, 2006.

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  1. Work in progress as I find the threads in the archives.

    L/Cpls Paul Knight & Nathan Long, 4th Battalion, The Rifles, killed in a traffic accident in Wiltshire. 21st November 2007.

    CA Condolences Thread

    Sgt Davies, RA, killed in a traffic accident in wiltshire, 21st November 2007. More details to follow,

    Mike Harland, ex-RAF, killed in an ejection incident from a TORNADO over Norfolk whilst working for BAE Systems.

    CA Condolences Thread

    PPRUNE Condolences Thread

    Gnrs Charles and Daniel Albanese, both 5 Regiment, Royal Artillery, killed in a car crash. 11th November 2007.

    Gunners Forum Condolences Thread

    WO1 (Master Driver) Stevie Goldsmith, Royal Logistic Corps, killed in RTA in Cyprus. 24th October 2007

    RLC Condolences Thread

    Craig Appleby, ex Royal Engineers, killed whilst doing cluster munition clearance work in the Lebanon. 11th October 2007.

    Sapper Forum Condolences Thread

    Pte Dave Forshaw, 4th Battalion, the Parachute Regiment. 4th September 2007.

    CA Condolences Thread

    O/Cdt David Dieppe, missing and now presumed lost on a trekking holiday in Peru.

    link to be reset

    Hldr Kevin Mitchell, The Highlanders(4th Bn The Royal Regiment Of Scotland), killed in a Parachuting accident in Canada. 14th September 2007.

    CA Condolences Thread

    Stephen Thame, ex Royal Anglians Regt & SAS, killed in a motorbike crash in Wales. 7th September 2007.

    Infantry Forum Condolences Thread

    Pte Sean Tait, The Royal Regiment of Scotland, died of injuries sustained in the PUMA crash that killed Flt Lt Sale and Sgt Burfoot. 10th August 2007.

    CA Condolences Thread

    Flt Lt David Sale and Sgt Phillip Burfoot, 33 Squadron, Royal Air Force, killed when their PUMA helicopter crashed near Catterick. 8th August 2007.

    CA Condolences Thread

    Cadet Kaylee McIntosh, 2nd Battalion Highlands ACF, killed in a boating accident on Annual Camp. 3rd August 2007.

    CA Condolences Thread

    Pte "Spice" Williams, Royal Logistic Corps, killed in an RTA, Germany. 22nd July 2007.

    CA Condolences Thread

    L/Bdr Brett Walmsley, 47 Regiment, Royal Artillery, killed in a traffic accident in Greece. 13th July 2007.

    BBC News Thread

    CA Condolences Thread

    Pte Andrew Borkertas, 1st Infantry Training Battalion, drowned in a training accident. 15th June 2007.

    CA Condolences Thread

    Sgt Paul Upton, 1st Battalion, The Parachute Regiment, died whilst competing in a mountain running event. 2nd June 2007.

    CA Condolences Thread

    PC Ricky Gray, ex Black Watch, killed on duty. 6th May 2007.

    CA Condolences Thread

    CA Funeral Tribute Thread

    Adrian Fennell, ex 220 Field Ambulance, killed in a traffic accident. 4th May 2007.

    TA Forum Condolences Thread

    Alan Mullin, ex 2nd Bn, Royal Green Jackets, died. 9th March 2007

    CA Condolences Thread

    Sgt Glynn Ludlow, 5 GS Regiment, RAMC, found dead at his home. 11th January 2007.

    PQ, RAMC and QARANC Forum Condolences Thread

    Cpl Jay Garrett, REME. 25th December 2006.

    CA Condolences Thread

    REME Forum Condolences Thread

    L/Cpl Kinnon Arrigo Ragni, 14th Signal Regiment, stabbed to death in Haverfordwest. 23rd November 2006.

    Sigs Forum Condolences Thread

    L/Cpl Gordon Campbell, Royal Marines Assault Group, killed in an abseiling accident. 25th September 2006.

    CA Condolences Thread

    Aviation Forum Condolences Thread

    Pte Michael Minns, 9th Supply Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps, killed in an industrial accident. 24th September 2006.

    CA Condolences Thread

    Pte Gavin Williams, 2nd Bn, The Royal Welsh Regt, died during training. 3rd July 2006

    Condolences Thread

    L/Cpl Jason Parry, 1st Bn, The Royal Welsh Regt, killed in a traffic accident. 2nd July 2006

    Condolences Thread

    Sgt Paul "Scruff" McGough, SBS, killed in a hang-gliding accident. 1st June 2006

    Condolences Thread

    O/Cdt Tom Grant, Tayforth UOTC, murdered. 27th May 2006.

    Condolences Thread

    S/Sgt Paul Eaton, The Scottish Transport Regiment (Volunteers), killed in an accident. 9th April 2006

    Condolences Thread

    Gnr Kenneth John Laga, Cfmn Craig Smith and Cfmn Craig Atkinson, 26 Regt Royal Artillery, killed in a traffic accident. 31st August 2005.

    Officer Cadet Blake Hartley, RMAS, died, presumed drowned. 8th August 2004.

    CA Condolences Thread
  2. His Honour Major - General Sir David Hughes-Morgan. Army Legal Services. July 15, 2006.
  3. Catterick ITC 1995 - 2004

    Pte Richard J Robertson - Black Watch 1995
    Fus M J Murray - RR Fusiliers
    Pte C Needs - Green Howards
    Pte B R Isherwood - Black Watch
    Pte Daniel M Farr - Prince of Wales Own 1997
    Pte M D Meredith - Cheshire 1997
    Pte RD Fleming - Para
    Rfn William N Beckley-Lines - Royal Green Jackets 1998
    Pte AJ Elliott - Royal Anglian
    Sgt J Cutting - Cheshire
    Cpl D Conway - Black Watch
    Fus MJB Case - RR Fusiliers
    LSgt CE Leech - Coldstream Guards
    Rfn OM Alford - Royal Green Jackets
    Pte Alan Sharples - Queens Lancashire 2000
    Pte JR Leadbetter - D & D
    Cpl S Graham - A and SH
    Gdsm PA Dennison - Irish Guards
    Rfn JI McKenzie - Royal Green Jacket
    Derek McGreggor - Medical 2003
    Gdsm Andrew Browne Coldstream Gaurds 2004
    Carl Spottiswood – Prince of Wales Own 2004

    Pte Stuart Henderson - ITC Catterick died Cyprus 2005

    Other Barracks on Catterick

    Andrew Murphy - Army Field Shop Unit - aged 24
    LCpl Perry Moore
    Sgt Ian Graham - Army Medic
    Sig Steven Pollitt - aged 17
    Pte Keving Forrest - aged 19
    Sig Brain Voyse - aged 29
    Peter Lawrence - aged 22
    LCpl Andrew McDonald - aged 30
    LCpl Jason Wallace - aged 26 - Somme Barracks
    Ian Brown - aged 27
    Pte Robert Middleton - aged 21 - Somme Barracks
    Andrew Thompson - aged 30 - TA
    Sgt James McDonald
    LCpl Derek McGreggor - aged 21 - Army Medic
    Cpl Carl Spottiswood Prince of Wales Own- Somme Barracks - 2004
  4. Rip you did your job
  5. Guys, i have an extensive list of those that died during the conflict in Northern Ireland,

    would be glad to give a copy over the ARRSE admin team ....

  6. I would like to remember those that died in Cyprus in 1956, as the list contains over three hundred names, I will just leave these few lines to say at least one person has not forgotten you.
  7. Pete Moon Unfortunately died in a car accident October 1st 1999, 49 years old
    Brilliant bloke and Brilliant tankie,not a bad fisherman also, definitely gone to the green fields.
    Rest In Peace
    Fear Naught
  8. Sorry to bump this thread after it hasn't been seen for a while but I've just looked at the Palace Barracks memorial site looking for the name of a friend of mine lost in NI in '91, from 1RGJ but the list there only goes up to around 1987, does anyone know of a site with a more up to date rememberence list.


    RIP Rich
  9. RIP.

    Attached Files:

  10. Not sure if anyone here will have known him:

    Cpl Reginald Richardson, Ex 54, 36 and 68 sqns of the Royal Corps of Transport - Died of cancer March 13 1997. Left the service in April 1993.
    Respected and admired by those whe served with and under him and sorely missed.
  11. Kingsmen Adma Smith April 5th 2007 RIP
    Kingsmen Allan Jones April 23rd 2007 RIP

    2nd Duke of Lancs. Iraq
  12. Try the one on here