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rip spr jordan rossi 25 fd sqn 38 engr regt attached to joint force eod killed in an explsoin near sagin
Rest in peace fellow Rfn. Thoughts go out to family and comrades.


RIP Private Nathan Cuthbertson, Private Daniel Gamble and Private Charles Murray of 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment

soliders number 100, 101, 102 killed on the 8/6/08

1 Year on and love and thoughts still to your family and friends


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Just a quick thought for the family and close friends of Capt. Jim Philippson, killed on this day three years ago (11 June 2006), a gentleman I had the honour of knowing briefly during my short time at Sandhurst (CC011, Ypres Cpy, 15plt).

For those, like myself who missed the original condolence thread I have linked it below.

As well as the website setup in memory of him.

Jim, I didn't know you long, but from I remember you were a great bloke always willing to help everyone about you. Your death was a shock to me, being the first person I knew personally to die in the current actions, it reminded me that other friends of mine are putting themselves in harms way daily. This thought is at the top of my mind every day I am working on kit that may eventually be used by those who will rely on it.




Merv and Thatch, I can only say I am a better man for having met and soldiered with the both of you

You will never be forgotten

For God and Ulster
FOB GIB, The Forgotten FOB
Two soldiers killed and six wounded today:

Sad News
Rest in Peace, all of you.
RIP to Pte Jason Williams

The 3rd soldier from 2nd Battalion - The Mercian Regiment (Worcester & Foresters) to lose his life in Afghanistan.

Killed by an IED in the area of Gereshk whilst trying to retrieve the body of a comrade.


R.I.P Fusilier Louis Carter

Louis Carter was from 2RRF and died after and IED exploded whilst he was trying to extract his injured section commander.

I had the pleasure and honour of knowing Louis, I went to cadets with him. He was selfless and loyal to the end.

I will never forget you mate.
The Afagan really need the army.
* For democracy
**For humanity
*** For Peace..
I see the news 50 killed the in Afghan More than 50 people were killed during voting in the Afghanistan presidential election..Oh my god its very crucial. My condolences with both their family...
condolence message


Lest We Forget

Sunset Vigil

The news is spread far and wide
Another comrade has sadly died
A sunset vigil upon the sand
As a soldier leaves this foreign land

We stand alone, and yet as one
In the fading light of a setting sun
We've all gathered to say goodbye
To our fallen comrade who's set to fly

The eulogy's read about their life
Sometimes with words from pals or wife
We all know when the CO's done
What kind of soldier they'd become

The padre then calls us all to pray
The bugler has Last Post to play
The cannon roars and belches flame
We will recall, with pride, their name

A minute's silence stood in place
As tears roll down the hardest face
Deafening silence fills the air
With each of us in personal prayer

Reveille sounds and the parade is done
The hero remembered, forgotten by none
They leave to start the journey back
In a coffin draped in the Union Jack

Sgt Andrew McFarlane

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