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Sgt John Matthews, I have lost a good mucker Rest in peace mate, Caber Feigh cu brath.
RIP to all the fallen
RMA1 said:
Sgt John Matthews, I have lost a good mucker Rest in peace mate, Caber Feigh cu brath.
He was my platoon sgt for my (TA) CIC; a brilliant bloke. When I bumped into him again during mobilisation at Tern Hill, he remembered a few of us who were trained by him, and was happy to have a pint with us. RIP.
British Soldier 2nd Battalion the Royal Gurkha Rifles IN AFGHANISTAN (family informed )

"A British soldier has been killed in Afghanistan, according to the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The soldier was from 2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles.

He was killed by enemy fire in the Musa Qala area of Afghanistan, the MoD said. His family have been informed.

This latest death means that the number of UK troops killed on operations in Afghanistan since they began in 2001 now stands at 122." - BBC news.
'Who are these men who promise to keep,
Alive in their hearts the ones God holds asleep?
These are the men to whom I promise again:
Veterans, my friends, I will remember them'.

As written by that child to all fallen and still serving on Armistice Day 2008 - thank you. x
And so the Old Year draws to a close and a New Year begins.
What will 2009 bring....... better news than 2008 is something to hope for.

In a year which saw British Forces suffer 50* fatal casualties, it’s also important to recognise the sacrifices other countries have made.

The US Forces have suffered the worst, with 154 of their servicemen killed in Afghanistan and a massive 303 lost in Iraq! Canada and Denmark lost 31 and 12 soldiers respectively. France lost 11 (10 men were killed in a single ambush incident in August). Poland lost 8 soldiers, including 1 in Iraq. Holland lost 6. Australia, Romania, Georgia and Germany all lost 3 servicemen. Italy, Hungary and Spain lost 2. Ireland, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic and Azerbaijan all lost 1 serviceman.

We salute them all........

A new US President takes office. A new sheriff in town....... Things are gonna change.....

A ‘Peaceful’ 2009 is too much to ask for. But I wish all our Servicemen 'Good Luck in 2009' and hope they have successful, maybe even uneventful, Operational tours this coming year......

*EDIT 1 Jan 09: Including a Royal Marine from 45 Commando Royal Marines who was killed by an explosion on the afternoon of 31 December 2008

I think one soon to add to the list, unfortunately - guy named Anthony Malone, former 4 para veteran, now rotting away in a jail in Afghanistan on trumped up charges. Not long for the next world, I'm afraid . . .
"We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us"
Afganistan can be won! we just need more boots on the ground. Nato countries like france, germany, spain ect should send more troops.

RIP all a huge sacrifice; I hope the lessons of previous conflicts will be applied quickly to reduce the unnecessary casualties!
My first post on here guys. RIP to all who have fallen.

I also thought I would post up this poem that I wrote, I hope that's okay.

As the dust settles the soldier looks round
At this hot and dusty piece of foreign ground
This is home for the next six months
He hangs his head for just a second
Then thinks "Best get on with it I reckon"

He stores his gear in a tent
Flak jacket and helmet on
He goes to explore his new home
He looks over the wall where the guns are trained
Praying that to use them he won't be afraid

He thinks of home and those he left behind
Six months he thinks will soon fly by
His mother he knows is worried sick
And thinks i'll write her in just a tick
His father has done this thing before
But he doesn't really know the score

The letters and parcels cheer him up
Magazines sweets and news from home
He shares what he gets with those
At this place that is his temporary home
Share and share alike they all say
Not just the goodies also the dangerous play
They watch out for each other
And begin to think of each other as a band of brothers

They live and play eat and sleep
In this lonely battle keep
They think of home and comforts there
But know this experience they will not share

To those who think our soldiers just bring them shame
Because they fight in a war that is not in their name
It's because of these brave lads and lasses that you sleep safe
Most soldiers want peace not hate....
RIP lads.

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