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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by 23C, Aug 31, 2005.

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  1. 23C

    23C Clanker

    I had it once...and once only. Does anyone know the rules and regs about this?
  2. Without being too anorakish about it: can be authorised for issue in extremes - and only by a Medical Officer. Also means you have to have taken a switched on loggie with you who has packed a wicker-covered demi-john or two in his waggon.
  3. I too had some, only once!!!! The Navy Issue stuff. Pppppppwwwwwooooooaaaahhhhh!!!!!
  4. G10 rum. Hoarded jealously by the CQMS. Seem to remember it being issued quite regularly in the 1960s in cold climates and on active service in more tropical climes. Strong stuff, usually doled out by the platoon sergeant each soldier receiving it had to drink it in front of him.
  5. Rations you can fiddle easily, rationed rum cannot be so. As far as I am aware, it is not issued to units anymore within the army, on cold weather trainging it is available, only in small quanities though. Correct me please if I am wrong.
  6. The rum ration, up until very recently, was issued to certain units in certain circumstances. The original idea came from when we used to get flogged and was called "half and half" as in half down your head to numb the pain and half over your back to help sterilise the wounds. Seeing as we don't get flogged anymore it's just a tradition that has been carried on. Not that I am knocking it. A pint of rum a day can only be a good thing :)
  7. When was the last issue of G10 rum?
  8. How recent? Unless you count 'gunfire' it must have been years ago.
  9. when I was at 23 Para Field Amb in the early 80's we were on Ex Purple Victory up in Northland somewhere in November and it was bloody freezing, on the last night EndEx was called and a rum ration was issued, it tasted like shite to my tender 17 year old taste buds and I gave it to my Sgt for some boilies.
  10. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    I remember raiding the flagons from the QMs cam net in the GW1 got totally wrecked as did the rest of my crew :wink:
  11. Slightly off topic, very recently (probably still do) the DCU used to get a ration of guinness each month forthe patients (obviously in more recent times the patients didnt get a sniff of it).
  12. I had it......once..

    whilst on exercise in Soltau around 1982 or so - it was -20°C and our CSM (a bit of a nutter but really old School - used to take his Pace stick on EX!) had the Company Clerk look it up in QR´s. Sure enough there was a Noggin issue for every man when the Temperature dropped under a certain limit. So off goes the CSM with the CQMS and comes back sometime later with two Fckucking HUGE Glass Vessels of Rum protected by Wicker basklets. The Rum was dished out to the lads and we went back to the CP. Sometime later I woke up and realised that no one had woke me for my Radio stag. I opened the back door of the Panzer to find the CSM socially disorientated and cuddling one of the Rum vessels.
    He even had the neck the next morning to accuse me of having been at "his" Rum because the level was under the Mark he`d made before getting Pissed!!

  13. Back in Cranwell the bad winter of 79/80, they issued the tot, then as the Winter went on the bar stewards replaced it with soup!!! As if....jeez, no contest.
  14. 1987 was when I last got issued Rum (left in 89)
  15. "Gunfire" cannot count as alcohol. It's a mixture of cofftea, 2 week old range stew, and some rancid 47% cheap alcohol, served in a polystyrene cup at 0600hrs, to an underage youth scratching his nackers, by some blerk* saying "Go on son, get that down your neck, Happy Christmas, have a nice drive today". I always thought that was a great idea.

    * Delete/Insert Blerk for Bird (whilst her dog rummages through your bins and empty pizza boxes for scraps and pissing on your washing you wanted to take home for your mam to make it smell nice again).