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Had an operation for chronic compartments syndrome, all 6 compartments were decompressed.Slowly back on the road to recovery,am 6 months post-op. My main goal is to try and make the Army rugby squad . So in essence have 2 month window in which to get into/back up to required fitness standards.My main problem is as a soldier we don't take the correct advice.I am 33 now 34 come sept. Could anybody give me guidance/advice other than the generic physio advice,not that is wrong or bad,i'd just like to hear a different perspective?
Try ton up training, 10 exercises such as press ups, sit ups, lunges, burpees etc 10 reps of each, bang em out as quick as you can then take about 30 - 90 secs rest and fire into them again do as many sets as you can.

Also run around a rugby pitch sprinting the width and jogging the length to start with, then when the fitness starts to rise do it the other way round.

Another on is start on the try line and sprint to 22, 10 press ups, jog backwards to try line, sprint to 10m line 10 situps backwards to 22, then sprint to halfway 10 burpees then backwards to try line, rest for about 90 secs then crack on again, as many sets as you can. These will help you to bring your recovery time down which as must in rugby.

No more than 3 times a week rest up in between full warm up and warm down, ice up if you need to afterwards for 15 mins then off for 15 mins do twice, this floods red blood cells back into the area and aids recovery of affected part.

Tip, do all your training on grass as it will be easier on your legs, I suffered badly from shin splints and never had a problem on grass.

Hope this helps fella, I played for my Corps for 10 years at both codes and it worked for me, may need to do a bit of stamina work as well depending what position you play, a deffo if you are in the pack.

Good luck.
I was told by a doctor that I should give up rugby when the base of the skull began to calcify. I asked when that was and he said "32-33"! I am still going, if not strong necessarily, at 43 but I am not looking for representative honours though.

You don't say what position you play but I assume from the description of your injury that you are like me a "donkey". You are going to be putting substantial strain on your body if you play up to Army level and this may have a major impact on your long term health. It might be more realistic to set your sights on a lower standard and go for longevity of career. I have finally found myself a second team berth at tight head, which as I played Number 8 for my county and blindside for Regiment, District and the TA (amongst others) is an indication of my physical development in recent years - i.e. slower but stronger!

If your heart is set on that Army cap then go for it and good wishes fella, I would advise a reality check though with a sports professional, a physio if possible. Be happy, yours in rugby, Cuddles
Prop. I had last season off , with being post op etc. Age really shoudn't be an issue. I too have played for my corps for a number of years.
But anyway, thankyou very much for the advice.

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