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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by R.D.D., Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. Afternoon all. Like any right-minded person, I'm off to the army-navy game in a couple of weeks. Amusingly, I managed to manipulate the hen party I'm with to come too... however, due to circumstances, I understand that there will be loads of RN stash for the neutral parties to wear. Naturally, I can't let this go without at least a bit of a fight, so I need to get hold of at least one female-fit (depending on cost, possibly two...) army rugby shirt. But on the website here Ladies' DPM Camo Shirt - Army Rugby Union they only do dessie ones, and red is much better (and designed to stand out!).
    Anyone know where/whether I can get hold of a couple of size 8/10 red girly sized army shirts? (kids would do, but I bet men's S is a tent).
  2. Try Eggcatcher, they have a pink camouflage shirt bit its £45
  3. Have you tried the ARU website? Rugbystore also does a good line in Army Rugby kit.
  4. go to and get an RE one, even better!

    There are stands flogging them all at Twickers on the day
  5. Hmm- she's marrying ex RA so not sure that would go down well at home... but the pink's genius, and since I have to wear boys clothes at work, I'm sure I can deal with men's red... Cheers guys- knew arrse would give me the solution!
  6. Hen do? Body paint it is then :)