Army Rugby League v Army Rugby Union

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Heywood_Jablowme, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. Here's the debate:

    Why is the budget for Union far superior to that of League?

    I appreciate that league is younger as a military sport, but the funding for stash for a union 10's tour would support the entire league setup for a year (+more).

    Is there potential for a 'rugby' pot in the generic sense?

    granted league has a distinctly northern feel to it, as well as the southern hemisphere, and union is regarded as more of a public schoolboy sport by the average joe.

    The development of league could easily be given a leg up by the union with the technologies available, which sit redundant during the closed union season.

    How can the league team compete? are there sponsors out there willing to support an increasingly growing Army sport which plays at the same competative level as the best of the amateur teams (BARLA)?

    The management are highly dedicated and professional and have years of experience, the training is thorough and competative, the academy side are scouted and nurtured, but with dog-eared hand me downs they don't look the part. Odd socks, mismatched shorts etc...the academy still turned out and beat the Royal Marines full side, these lads had only been together for 2 1/2 days previously.

    There are years of tradition attached to the union side, with many an international having served, but that will perhaps never occur again with the professional aspect to the game, so let's build on Rugby as a whole, and help support League.

    from an observer on the sidelines.
  2. It is obvious really. Although RL is a fairly recent addition to the list of official Army sports, it is because it is not really an Officers Mess sort of game, dontcha know?
  3. Come off your cross Guru, some cnut needs the wood. any more chips and I'll be asking you to show salt and vinegar! The real answer is that RL is a dull and passionless sport which lacks real appeal to anyone, regardless of class, who has half a brain in their head. :twisted:
  4. Because League is more entertaining, better, and more enjoyable to play.


    I'm not fishing for a bite here. Honest.
  5. I carry no cross for RL. But there is a class issue isn't there?
  6. Yes, you're right there is something of a class issue, but League is rather dull with players flapping around on the ground like fish. To me it lacks continuity and fluidity. League players were far fitter than those in Union but that appears to have changed.

    Given the choice I'd watch Union, especially to see Bristol get thrashed :evil:
  7. I'd have to say that I agree with you.
  8. Is it from the North of England?