Army Rhyming slang and Profanosaurus

I'm trying to see how many rhyming slang words there are out there in general use. ie 'Col Gadaffi' - 'NAAFI'

Also interested in the sayings like 'Penis Fingers' ie. "everything he touches he tends to fcuk."

If Roger Mellie can do it..I'm sure they'll create a giggle or two.


We always got told at lunch time to:

"Rift some Frank (Bough) down our Gregory (Peck) into yer Liza (Minelli) if yer hank (Marvin)".

Spoonerisms were great too - betty swollocks being a classic!
How about a five knuckle shuffle, pocket snooker, ham shank or do you only get rigor mortis when your dead. :roll:
Sorry - Been Done....

Book called "Jack Speak" admitedly its booty/matelot speak but the idea has been floated...

but i think there is a need for an army version - for instance:

Soldiers BANJO - Egg sandwich {name stems from strumming action carried out when you bite it and the egg yolk spills down your front holding the sandwich to one side whilst brushing the egg yolk off with your free hand -looks like playing the banjo}

Matelots BANJO - French Bagette Sandwich (any filling you like) {stems from the name of the popular sandwich shop around the corner from HMS Raleigh and the name stuck}

Do a Google on "Biscuits Brown"
Old one

Going to the Rudolph (Hess) for a Ruby (Murray) 'cos I'm Hank (Marvin)

Translation Going to the Mess for a curry because I'm starving.

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