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Army Reservist call up underway....

The UK has begun the process of mobilising a reservist force in preparation for possible war with Iraq, defence secretary Geoff Hoon is to announce.
Employers are to be consulted, but no deadline will be set for the mobilisation.

Hang on, did BuffHoon think that Sir Boy-Cee was just pulling his leg about preparedness to fight?

"Mr Hoon insisted Sir Michael had explained the services would be able to manage many different commitments.

Christ, what a tosser  :mad: :mad: :mad:


A load of old nonsense i'm afraid...all relates to ongoing contingency planning with no decisions made either yet!


If you can be bothered to spend the time there is a copy of a MOD document about lessons learned from Kosovo out on the web. If I was at my desk and not on Fresco I could send you the link.

Buried in there, near the media chapter, is the line that the call up of reservists was part of the propaganda war against Molosovic and this was something that had been done before.

The cost of call up of a large scale reservist force is going to cost the Government ££££s. They will do what they always do look for the unemployed, the underemployed and the unemployable to volunteer.

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