Army Reserve Retirement Age and Pension

I will be applying to the Army Reserve early next year. I am curious what the age is for mandatory retirement and how attractive are the pension benefits?
The pension will almost certainly not be enough for you to retire on, so I wouldn’t join for that reason alone. Even those with a few years in are not expecting more than a slap up meal out of it. You need to spend 2 years in uniform to qualify and rack it up based upon the days done, I think at 1/70th of your pay, so for a Tom you’ll get about 70p a day towards it. After about 5 years on the scheme I was looking at approx £500. Better than a slap in the face but enough to pay for a week of a buxom nurse to wipe my arse and little more. It won’t kick in until the age of 60. More info below



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Its 60 btw.


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Its 60 btw.
60 for officers and 55 for ORs. Overage extensions used to be pretty common although they are beginning to crack down on them.

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